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Collaborations & Partenships [ÉOLE Paris]

In order to increase the visibility and visibility of EOLE Paris, we regularly accept collaborations and partnerships. For this, we work on several social networks such as INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / YOUTUBE and BLOGS.

1. Collaborations & Partenarships INSTAGRAM

Tshirt Bleu de cobalt -EOLE PARIS
Pochette Bleu De Cobalt Terrazzo - EOLE PARIS
Tshirt Pink Quartz Terrazzo - EOLE PARIS

Our INSTAGRAM account: @eole_paris

On INSTAGRAM, the creation of visual content holds a preponderant place on this social network. This is a perfect tool for ÉOLE Paris because it can reach a wide audience and capture new community. On the INSTAGRAM account of ÉOLE Paris, you will find our direct contact details:

  • Our website:
  • Our phone
  • The address of our workshop: 20 passage cardinet, 75017, Paris

You can also directly BUY our products (T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, pouches) from our INSTAGRAM page thanks to the direct links that take you directly to our ONLINE SHOP.
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Our marketing strategy INSTAGRAM:

The profiles of people we like to work with are primarily influencers:

  • Friendly, stylish, and with a great sense of humor.
  • We are looking for influencers REALLY interested in our brand (history of the brand / website / product types / collections) and who are able to talk about it as AMBASSADORS.
  • Influencers who follow us on INSTAGRAM, who LIKENT our posts, and who INTERACT regularly with our community in COMMENTS …

For us THE PERFECT INFLUENCER is a real AMBASSADOR of the brand EOLE Paris with his community, his friends, his family. In our choices of collaborations & partnerships, we value more PERSONALITY, COMMITMENT, and HUMILITY than the number of followers. We are not looking for STARS, but people with POSITIVE energy who like what we do.


For collaborations and partnerships on INSTAGRAM, we can consider the following FORMATS:

  • Placement products during
    • Professional shooting with a photographer EOLE Paris
    • Shooting with the teams of the
    • Story creation for the product
    • Comments about the product
    • Promotional gift for your community
  • Radiance of the EOLE Paris brand
    • Mention of the brand during stories
    • Mention of the mark during comments
  • We are open to new ideas / proposals from influencers


We can offer one of two things:

  • COMPENSATION: We offer a new product ÉOLE Paris, with a market value that varies between 25 and 80 euros. Before sending, we always ask influencers for the ÉOLE Paris products they prefer in order to REALLY ENJOY them. This is the best way in our opinion so that they can REALLY enjoy talking about it afterwards.
  • REMUNERATION: The amount may be fixed or variable depending on the influence, commitment, and relevance of the community.


As an influencer, you must have topics and themes that you love to talk to your community about. These themes must therefore be related to ÉOLE Paris in order to propose a partnership / collaboration that is perfectly effective for both parties.

The themes most likely to create synergies are:

  • MODE – ÉOLE Paris is a garment creation workshop
  • FASHION – ÉOLE Paris invents its style with each collection
  • ARTMUSICPAINTINGARCHITECTURE: EOLE Paris draws its inspiration from music, painting, architecture (and more) to create its designs …
  • DESIGN – EOLE Paris has a love for beautiful shapes and color schemes
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – ÉOLE Paris is regularly inspired by clichés to create new collections


When we partner or collaborate, we always do our best to indicate as professionally as possible what we expect from influencers. You will find below, an EXAMPLE OF COMMITMENT that we ask the influencers with whom we work on INSTAGRAM.

************************************************** ********************************************

COMPENSATION: Product shot offered – New – Market values ​​between 25 to 40 euros
REQUEST: Min 5x stories Instagram + 1x post Instagram


A minimum of 5 Instagram stories showing the product and its features.

  1. Story 1: Must be an unboxing
  2. Story 2,3,4 are left to your own creativity
  3. Story 5: will have to be a ‘call-to-action’ / call to action to get to our post for X number of days.
  4. @eole_paris and #eoleparis should be tagged in at least 2 stories

1x exclusive Instagram picture of your final look with our product

  • Content should focus on the product and you
  • Our product should be visible on the photo “The hero of your image”
  • The image should be of good quality / High resolution
  • The background must be clear, clean and bright
  • The theme of your post should be: Fashion or / and Funny


  • Add a link in your bio and your story for 24 hours.
  • Tag @eole_paris on your photo
  • Legend required:
    • Tag @eole_paris
    • #eoleparis


  • Content must be sent to us for review 72 hours before posting with the exact date of the day you wish to post.
  • Submit at least 3 photo options to be reviewed by the brand
  • Posting schedule: Between XX / XX / XX to XX / XX / XX – The exact date of posting must be confirmed during the participation.

Information available in English if necessary.

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