How To Choose And Wear Well Your Gloves ? [The Ultimate Guide]

How to choose and wear well your gloves ? EOLE PARIS
Gloves are one of the must-have men’s fashion accessories, especially during the cool seasons. Only between the different colors, the many materials and the variety of models, it seems difficult to choose a pair of gloves. Fortunately, here are all the criteria to consider before buying gloves. With this guide, you can easily find the right pair of gloves in record time depending on the circumstances.

How to choose well your gloves ?

To choose the right pair of gloves, we suggest you to follow the following steps:

  • Choose the MODEL carefully
  • Choose your gloves according to your SIZE
  • Take your dressing STYLE in consideration
  • Choose the QUALITY of your gloves
  • Try your pair of gloves

Let’s find out more in depth all these answers.


The gloves - EOLE PARIS

What is a pair of gloves ?

A pair of gloves is an accessory intended to cover the hands. Gloves are distinguished from mittens by the presence of separate openings for the fingers and thumb. Several models of gloves exist according to their shape. These fashion accessories are used to protect the hands against any form of external aggression. The choice of material is based on the purpose of the use of gloves.

Why wear a pair of gloves ?

Gloves are a must-have fashion accessory for men. These objects are worn both in summer and winter. In addition, it is important to wear gloves:

  • For its convenience

The purpose of the gloves is to cover the visible part of the hands in winter. This accessory provides warmth and thermal comfort. Nevertheless, nothing prevents you from wearing gloves during the summer season.

  • For outdoor activities

Gloves are extremely useful for cycling and motorcycling. These accessories avoid the risk of scratching your palm and injury to your fingers. In addition, wear light gloves with good grip with your fingers to prevent perspiration and ensure comfort.

  • For driving

Affirm your style even while driving with driving gloves. Besides, driving with gloves offers a better driving experience. You can choose cabretta leather gloves or suede gloves.

  • For special occasions

Leather gloves further emphasize elegance and blend perfectly with a tie suit. Wear a nice pair of gloves to reveal your style.

What are the part to make a pair of gloves ?

Gloves anatomy - EOLE PARIS

The men’s fashion gloves, as well as the sports gloves, combine three elements: the fingers, the thumb and the wrist.

  • Fingers

The length varies by model and size. Mitts display the last two phalanges of the fingers. Mittens have only one separation: that of the thumb. These types of gloves are also intended for babies and children to prevent their nails from scratching their faces.

  • Thumb

This component requires separation to ensure better grip of the hands. The length of the thumb depends on the same criteria as the length of the fingers. For boxing gloves, this element is attached to the part covering the hand to avoid clumsy gestures.

  • Wrist

This constituent element varies according to the purpose of the accessory. Cotton, mesh and wool gloves do not show any special features on the wrist. Some leather gloves reveal fitted cuffs and adjustable cuffs, perfect for protecting your hand during the winter cold.

Which models of gloves to choose ?

To choose the right pair of gloves, consider :

  1. The gloves MODELS
  2. The gloves FABRICS
  3. The gloves COLORS
  4. The gloves SIZES

Now let’s see the details together to choose your glove model.

Which models to choose for your gloves ?

Which models to choose for your gloves ? EOLE PARIS

Men’s fashion offers 3 cuts of gloves for men.

  • Gloves for an elegant look

This cut favors plain black leather in lambskin, kid or calfskin. The model displays a pair of gloves slightly tight on the fingers. To embellish this model, the designers have inserted sewing lines. The furry wrists have a doubled fabric band. This cut is to be discreet on a chic and elegant outfit.

  • Gloves for a casual style

For a casual look, opt for brown leather gloves. These models work well with workwear. For a less formal style, opt for woolen gloves. Lavender or brown suede gloves and slim models are among the casual gloves. To assert your spontaneous side, choose the mitten.

  • Sports gloves

These cuts are intended for extreme sports enthusiasts. Hunters use mitts to free their fingers. Archers use a pair of gloves to protect their hands. Hockey players wear gloves to maintain a good temperature. Boxers need to protect their hands and wrists …

Which fabrics to choose for your gloves ?

Which fabrics to choose for your gloves ? EOLE PARIS

  • Silk gloves

Silk gloves are preferred at a grand banquet or ceremony. These accessories embellish a glamorous outfit. This material is used by women. Nevertheless, men have the opportunity to wear silk with an elegant suit. In addition, the leather and silk combo is to be banned.

  • Woolen gloves

Certainly, this fiber provides thermal comfort. However, wool tends to retain moisture. Unlike wool gloves, acrylic mittens do not retain moisture.

  • Cotton gloves

For an official ceremony, think of white cotton gloves. These accessories are suitable for both children and adults. Especially since these objects marry perfectly with a black suit. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, their therapeutic function also seduces. Cotton gloves treat sensitive hands or subject to some superficial injuries.

  • Leather gloves

There is cowhide, pork, deer and sheep leather. These materials are used to make cheap but aesthetic gloves. Lamb and goat leather produces soft gloves. Nevertheless, these accessories are marketed at a high price. Peccary leather gloves remain the most popular because of their resistance.

Which colors to choose for your gloves ?

Which colors to choose for your gloves ? EOLE PARIS

There is cowhide, pork, deer and sheep leather. These materials are used to make cheap but aesthetic gloves. Lamb and goat leather produces soft gloves. Nevertheless, these accessories are marketed at a high price. Peccary leather gloves remain the most popular because of their resistance.

How to choose well your gloves size ?

How to choose well you gloves size ? EOLE PARIS

There is no better solution than to try fitting when choosing a pair of gloves. Once you have identified the style and color of the gloves that are right for you, enter your fingers to test their comfort.

What are the gloves sizes ?

The gloves size - EOLE PARIS

To know your size of gloves, we advise you to refer to the table this conversion below.

This chart will allow you to match the sizes of the gloves and the equivalent in centimeters.

SizeTurn of the hand (cm)Gloves size

The size of the gloves is measured in inches and half inches. One inch equals 2.54 cm. For a sweep of 15 cm, buy a pair of gloves size 5.5. A waist of 19 cm corresponds to a size of 7. A 24 cm hand is equivalent to size 9 gloves. Finally, a hand size of 27 cm is equal to size 10 gloves. in addition, US sizes for men ranging from XS to XXL.

Why the gloves size is important ?

The size plays a key role in the male glove, because it is about its aesthetics and its practicality. During your first try, your gloves should cover your hands. The accessories will then expand after a few hours before adjusting to your hands. To estimate the ideal size, take a meter of seamstress. Then measure the turn of your hand without tightening the joints and the palm. Establish your measurement using your directive hand.

What are the details to check before to buy your gloves ?

Before finalizing your purchase, consider inspecting certain points. First, check the stitches if they are regular or tight or close to the edges of the leather. Look if the liner is secure. Some technical details deserve some inspections, in this case: the sewing techniques used as well as the strength of the threads.

How to wear well your gloves ?

How to wear well your gloves ? EOLE PARIS

Show a businessman look with a light shirt, charcoal gray tie, navy blue wool coat and a pair of gloves. To these accessories are added a watch and a briefcase in black leather. Choose a pair of gloves from the UGG AUSTRALIA brand. By the way, the majority of this brand’s gloves were made from sheep leather with a wool lining.

How to pair your belt with your gloves ?

How to pair your belt with your gloves ? EOLE PARIS

To be confident, bet on the right accessories. Moreover, the combination of gloves and belts is perfect for a simple but stylish look. For low temperature periods, choose a pair of woolen gloves, a scarf and a classic beanie. These neutral-style associations can be paired with a dark-colored coat, a watch and a black belt.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

How to pair your belt with your shoes ?

How to pair your belt with your shoes ? EOLE PARIS

Opt for leather gloves and match the colors of your shoes. Driving gloves are suitable when driving a Mercedes 300sl. Avoid these accessories if you drive a 205. Unveil your casual style by choosing leather gloves with a wool jacket and Pepe Jeans jeans. Finish with a pair of Lacoste shoes.

If you would like to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject: 

Comment bien choisir ses chaussures habillees - EOLE Paris 2

Which brands to choose for your gloves ?

Which brands to choose for your gloves ? EOLE PARIS

In order to choose your next gloves, and to make it easier for you to read, we classify the gloves in terms of quality / price:

  • The low range gloves at less than 30 euros
  • Gloves entry-level between 30 and 70 euros
  • Gloves medium range between 70 and 150 euros
  • High-end gloves between 150 and 200 euros
  • The gloves of “luxury” to more than 200 euros

Let’s see in detail the different brands.

What are the brands of low-end gloves to choose ?

It goes without saying that low-end products are offered at a reduced price. Nevertheless, their quality leaves something to be desired. Besides, we never recommend men’s gloves of dubious brand. Therefore, gloves offered from 10 euros are to be avoided. Better to save some money to get a pair of gloves with excellent value for money.

Which entry level gloves brands to choose ?

Entry-level products are generally of good quality. Only some gloves are made from dubious quality leather with synthetic liners. In most cases, the brands suggest pig and lamb leather gloves with tolerable finishes and lightweight liners. The Norse Project, Dents et Atelier Particuliers gloves are classified as entry-level. These products are sold between 30 to 70 euros per pair.

Which brands of medium level gloves to choose ?

The gloves reveal fairly thick liners. Seams and finishes are acceptable. In general, manufacturers use all types of leather to design gloves. This category of gloves is marketed between 70 to 150 euros. Maison Fabre, JB Guanti, Léon Flam and Monsieur London bring together the main brands of mid-range gloves.

Which top gloves brands to choose ?

The high-end gloves are sold between 150 to 200 euros a pair. The accessories favor high quality leather and noble materials, in this case peccary leather. The linings are rabbit and the finishes impeccable. The best brands include Ganterie Causse, Merola Gloves and Maison Poujade.

What brands of luxe gloves to buy ?

Luxury gloves do not show any imperfections. Especially since the most noble materials have been selected. This perfection is marketed from 200 euros per pair. Omega Guanti and Lavabre Cadet are the best brands of luxury gloves.


Before selecting a pair of gloves, identify the different models on the market. Stay up to date on the latest trends and materials used. Then, review all possible colors. Then measure your hand and estimate the size that suits you. It is best to try the gloves to check their lining, material and finish. Pair your pair of gloves with the right shoes and the right belts. In addition, opt for the pair that you need according to your budget.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what are your favorite gloves? Which brands do you prefer?

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