How To Choose And Wear Well Your Sweater

How to choose and wear well your sweater ? EOLE PARIS
A must-have for winter, the sweater is a warm, timeless, and easy to wear garment. It comes in several models for men, women and children. As winter approaches, the right choice of a practical and trendy sweater is essential. The purchase seems simple, but there are several elements to take into account, to find the most suitable clothing to oneself and this without compromise. First, discover the anatomy of a real sweater. Then, get advice on the accessories, colors, and shoes best matched to pullovers.

How to choose well your Sweater ?

To choose a sweater, 5 golden rules are to follow:

  • Find the MODEL adapted to its morphology: the meshes fine or medium are perfect for imposing squares.
  • Opt for the MATTER that suits you. Sheep wool is very popular for its thermal insulating properties.
  • Determine the style according to its look. These include the collar and buttons that define the style of a sweater.
  • Decide on COLOR
  • Compare the prices

Let’s find out more in depth all these answers.


The sweater 2 - EOLE PARIS

What is a Sweater ?

A pullover is a down knit covering the bust. This is a winter garment mostly made of sheep’s wool. The garment is without button or closure. He slips on and takes off over his head. Hence the name pullover (pull over). With the exception of some models, the pullover always has sleeves. Anglo-Saxons often associate it with the sweater which is a finer garment and synthetic fiber.

Why to wear a Sweater ?

Timeless and practical, the sweater protects from freshness and even cold. The comfort of sheep’s wool covering the shoulder, back and torso is incomparable. At first, this knit was created to prevent the cold, hence its cut and neck covering the neck.

  • It allows to create a style and a unique winter look through trendy haircuts such as poncho, box, trapeze, bat or brassiere.
  • The sweater is also an ecological garment being designed in organic wool of sheep, angora, mohair or alpaca.
  • Its price is affordable, suitable for all types of budget
  • Clothing adapted in all circumstances depending on the model, in a relaxed setting such as hiking or more formal such in a professional environment.

What are the parts to make a Sweater ?

The sweater goes on forever. Some clothes also have a similar appearance making the choice even more complex. The sweater can be recognized by certain points:

  • They are either crocheted or knitted (by hand or machine)
  • They are removed over the head. Indeed, they do not have a closure to put them on like a shirt
  • They are long and down.

The sweater - EOLE PARIS

Which Sweaters choose ?

When choosing your sweater, we advise you to pay attention to the following things:

  1. The Sweaters’ MODELS
  2. The FABRICS is a crucial elements for a Sweater
  3. The Sweaters’ COLOR to match with your outfit
  4. The Sweaters’  SIZE to match with your shape

Now let’s see together the details to choose your sweater.

Which model to choose for your Sweater ?

Pullovers are available in several cuts to match any look. Ideal for imposing builds, the trapeze cut appeared for the first time in the 70’s. It comes back trend today. All the details associated with this cut seem to be thought for a perfect adaptation to all morphologies. Indeed, it is long enough to cover the body without causing any discomfort. The collar highlights medium and short necks.

Under a seventies cup, the poncho also knows how to highlight all the silhouettes. This is the only variation of the sweater that allows the sleeveless. Currently in vogue, this sweater allows to wear a unique look when associated with more structured and refined clothes. He is more adopted by the fairer sex. For the winter, dare the poncho with a mini skirt and a boot. It’s very trendy!

The bat cut takes its name from a sleeve that is similar to a wing of bats. Despite this comparison a little pejorative, the sweater is very elegant and unique. Today, the bat cut is back in fashion. Materials such as cashmere wool have made it even more practical than ever. The batwing sweater in cashmere or alpaca wool are indeed lighter and warmer. From now on, they are classified among the sober sweaters used for the evenings.

The box cut or straight cut is the classic cut of sweaters. This is the most popular cut on the market. It is easily recognizable thanks to its linear shape and perfectly fitted handles. Suitable for both men and women, the box cut sweater is timeless. It leaves the choice between several necks: V-neck, turtleneck, polo collar, crew neck, boat neck, round neck, round neckline (with neckline), collar collar, shawl collar, ball collar, trucker collar, hooded collar, rolled collar, etc. It can be associated with a variety of clothing types: denim, jackets, slim, etc.

  • The round-neck Sweater

The round neck sweater - EOLE PARIS

The round neck jumper is often considered the most timeless and classic model. This is indisputably an essential garment that all men should have in their wardrobes. The great strength of the crew neck pullover is its ability to easily associate with many other outfits, so we can recommend it for casual or more formal occasions. The round neck pullover is characterized by its lack of neckline.

With jeans or a chino for the bottom, and a polo or a shirt for the top, the round-neck pullover will give you a casual look for all types of occasions. For moments a little more formal, it is not uncommon to see a crew neck sweater worn with a shirt and tie. In this context, we advise you to wear a sweater V-neck, because the shape of the neckline will further marry the presence of the tie.

  • The V-neck Sweater

the v-neck sweater - EOLE PARIS

With simple colors and uncomplicated patterns, the V-neck pullover is perfect for all seasons. The gray, black and marine colors are particularly popular and will adapt perfectly to make this versatile garment a must-have companion for your wardrobe. With jeans, the V-neck will be perfectly suitable for informal moments.

Indeed, both chic and casual, the V-pullover can be regularly worn for work, with a shirt and a tie.

  • The turtleneck sweater

The turtleneck sweater - EOLE PARIS

The turtleneck sweater has an elongated neckline that will conceal the neck of the owner. Thus, the turtleneck is particularly well designed for cold seasons, and that is why we often find this sweater on the ski slopes.

With a jacket, jeans or chino, the turtleneck sweater can be a centerpiece in an outfit. We do not recommend turtlenecks if you have a morphology with a small neck, because this sweater will be perfectly inappropriate.

  • The sweater  with a chimney collar

the sweater with chimney collar - EOLE PARIS

A Pull-Over with a chimney collar will have a tube-shaped neck of greater or lesser length but still without button. The chimney collar does not curl and does not bend, unlike the turtleneck.

  • The shawl collar sweater

The shawl collar sweater - EOLE PARIS

You will easily recognize the shawl collar sweater with its extra fabric wrapped around the neck. This is an optimal model for comfort and warmth.

  • The Pull-Over Vest

The sweater vest -EOLE PARIS

Perfect for costumes, the sweater vest is mostly made of a V-neck. This vest is characterized by the absence of sleeves.

  • The cardigan

The Cardigan - EOLE PARIS

Cardigan is a wool jacket buttoned from the front, unlike the pullover that will have to be put on.

  • The sweater with zipped collar

Which fabrics to choose for your Sweater ?

Which fabrics to choose for your sweater ? EOLE PARIS

Sweaters are available in a wide range of materials. Thick and comfortable, sheep wool sweaters are perfect for winter cold weather. This type of wool is renowned for its thermo-insulating characteristic. Indeed, it helps to keep the body temperature while protecting against the cold. Made from the fleece of the animal, the alpaca wool sweater is the thinnest sweater. It is suitable for warmer seasons like autumn or spring. The material is also insulated, making it also practical for the winter.

Thus, choosing the fabric of your sweater is an essential factor in that if the fabric is too light, you risk catching cold, and contrarily if the material is too hot, you will sweat a lot. For this, we like to recommend natural fibers that will withstand very well over time and are very comfortable to wear. Synthetic fibers can be considered, even if they present a less good investment in the medium and long term than natural fibers.

Now let’s take a look together at the most regularly used materials for making a sweater:

  • Sheep’s wool

After cotton, sheep wool is one of the most used materials in the design of pullovers. Depending on the varieties of sheep wool, as well as the mesh, you will get a more or less soft and comfortable result. You will find particular in sheep wool the following categories, Merino and Shetland. We do not recommend the big-knit shetland, it may be the sweater you wore during your childhood and you scratch constantly. We recommend you more the Merino smooth.

  • Cotton

Very widespread, cotton is one of the essential materials in the design of pullovers. Both durable and lightweight, cotton will be perfect for spring, and even for preventing cold weather on summer nights. In a casual style, the sweater can also be considered with formal outfits provided that it is well associated with the rest of your look.

  • Cashmere

A luxurious natural fiber, cashmere is characterized by its lightness, softness, and warmth.

  • Linen

Linen sweater are very suitable if you are looking for a particularly warm top. With these breathable properties, linen absorbs moisture very well. Sometimes shunned by men, linen is indeed a material that will tend to fold easily.

  • Mix

Like all other garments, the sweater does not escape the mixture of materials to improve thermal properties and weight.

Which COLORS to choose for your Sweater ?

Which colors to choose for your sweater ? EOLE PARIS

The solid color sweaters were very fashionable around the 70s. Today, the trend is for multicolored or at least two-colored sweaters. Patterned sweaters have been spotted in some fashion shows in Paris. They appear in almost all movies related to Christmas. For this year, the burnt orange color is on the rise. Purple does well, though less popular than purple. For a stylish look, choosing a sweater that sports at least one of these colors can be a good choice:

  • The GREY Sweater
  • The BLACK Sweater
  • The BLUE Sweater

The GRAY Sweater

It combines perfectly with jeans or chino for formal and informal occasions.

The BLACK Sweater

Timeless and very classic, the black sweater can be worn with sober pants.


Very versatile, the navy sweater to be styled discreetly. This sweater will reveal all its full potential with beautiful dress shoes.

How to choose correctly your sweater size ?

How to choose correctly your sweater size ? EOLE PARIS

Color is just one of the details to consider when choosing a sweater. Criteria such as size and style are essential for choice. We can also mention the range that is closely linked to price. Finally, do not forget the look that is fundamental to stay fashionable even with a sweater.

To choose your sweater size, we advise you to know the following measures:

  • Your shoulder to shoulder length
  • Your bust ride from the armpits
  • Your bust length
  • Your sleeve length

What are the size for the Sweater ?

To know your size of pullover, we advise you to refer to the table this conversion below.

This table will allow you to match the pullover sizes and the equivalent in centimeters.

SizeChest size (cm)Sweater’s Length (cm)
XXS81 – 8665,5
XS86 – 9167,5
S91 – 9669,5
M96 – 10171,5
L101 – 10673,5
XL106 – 11175,5
XXL111 – 11677,5

Sweaters are available in child and adult versions. Most of the time, children’s models are standard size and vary according to age. Adult versions of pullovers are available in:

XS: a sweater measuring 67.5 cm long

S: 69.5 inches long

M: 71.5 cm

L: 73.5 cm

XL: 75.5 cm, for a circumference of between 106 and 111 for women.

Oversized sweaters are the subject of a full-fledged collection, since they are associated with a unique style. For sweaters to American standards, it will be necessary to check the European equivalence.

Why the Sweater size is important ?

Choose under the right size, the pullover can bring cachet to the look. On the other hand, if it is badly adjusted, its holder will be able to fall into ridicule very quickly. Too tight a sweater can cause discomfort because the plant fiber prevents the skin from breathing and sweating normally. The problem of wide knits is the look of potato bag they confer. Round or thin, you have better choose a sweater suited to your figure.

What are the details to look at before to buy a sweater ?

Sweaters differ from each other in their finishes. Indeed, a sweater can be with or without patterns. Today, there are few pullovers without motifs because they are associated with an old image. However, care should be taken because some reasons are not allowed in some workplaces; in particular, the reasons a little daring. The passes are also part of the finishes to consider.

Here are some examples of the finishes you should look at carefully before buying your sweater:

  • Does the sweater tend to pilling? To crumble?
  • Does he have one? Or addicted?
  • Does the fabric feel comfortable to the touch? Do you think he’s going to scratch you?
  • Do you think that the material of the pullover will shrink in the first wash?

How to wear a Sweat ?

How to wear well your sweater ? EOLE PARIS

There are some tips for wearing a pullover. First, it must be adapted from time to time. For a rather sober party, it will take a sweater of dark color that will bring a touch of glamor and refinement. Cashmere would be the material of choice in this case. Attention, sweaters do not admit the “total look”. There must be a contrast of colors or materials. If the sweater is to fit a dress, in a professional setting for example, it will be necessary to wear a shirt underneath. For a casual occasion, it will be necessary to opt for a V-neck sweater. We will associate it with a round-neck t-shirt for an outing with friends.

Which pants should you pair with your sweater ?

Which pants to choose with your sweater ? EOLE PARIS

In dressed clothes, the sweaters and the bottom should be of the same range. Thus, a cashmere pullover marries beautifully with sober trousers. If you want to wear a more casual stockings such as jeans, a slim or a denim, it will be necessary to choose a V-neck sweater. It is possible to wear a cool look with a round neck, associating it with a skirt by example.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your jeans, we advise you to read the article we have dedicated to these topics.

 Comment bien choisir son chino - EOLE PARIS Comment bien choisir son pantalon - EOLE PARIS

Which belt should you pair with your Sweater ?

No belt will be needed for a long sweater. If you want to wear this accessory, the trend is to put it on top of the sweater. You can also take the knit in order to highlight it. In leather or imitation leather, the belt should be the same color as the shoes, pants, jacket or sweater.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

Which shoes should your pair with your sweater ?

Which shoes to choose with your sweater ? EOLE PARIS

The look is the only keyword to choose the right shoe for your sweater. For a casual chic look, wear the round neck jumper with jeans and a heel shoe for women; basketball for men. For a chic look, a moccasin will enhance it. For a casual outfit, pair the trapeze sweater with a slim one and a shoe.

If you would like to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject:

Comment bien choisir ses chaussures habillees - EOLE Paris 2

Which brands to choose for your sweater ?

Which brands to choose for your sweater ?EOLE PARIS

In France, as in the United States, eco-friendly sweaters are more fashionable than ever before. In France, this segment is occupied by a few brands including Hopaal, Loom, Olow, and Ethos Paris. There are also other non-organic brands like Ly Adams, SEH Kelly, GRP and Brunello Cucinelli. In general, the price of sweaters will be directly dependent on the thickness of the stitches. Thus, the fine stitches will cost less than the thick stitches.

To facilitate reading, we have classified sweaters into 5 categories:

  • Low-end sweaters at less than 50 euros
  • The entry-level sweaters between 50 and 100 euros
  • Mid-range sweaters between 100 and 200 euros
  • The high-end sweaters between 200 and 400 euros
  • The sweaters of “luxury” to more than 400 euros

Let’s see in detail the different brands.

What are the brands of low-end sweaters to know ?

It is necessary to go to the evidence, it is very difficult, to see impossible to find a pullover of quality and durable at less than 50 euros. Therefore, we advise you if you can focus on quality over quantity, and save to buy a sweater that is not entry-level because it will tend to deteriorate very quickly. And in the end, you will have to replace it quickly, which will be more expensive.

What brands of entry-level sweater choose ?

Regarding the pullover, low-end brands are rare. However, to meet all budgets, each house tries to offer different ranges of products. For 50 or 100 €, you can buy a sweater Uniqlo, Monoprix or suitsupply.

At the entry level, we offer the following brands:

What brands of medium range sweaters to buy ?

Costing between 100 to 200 €, mid-range sweaters are offered by the same brands of cheap specialists including Monoprix and Suitsupply. Standard House is also known for its entry level sweaters.

Let’s take a look at the mid-range pullover brands:

Which brands of Sweater Upscale choose ?

They are many. By the way, all sweaters costing between 200 and 400 € are qualified as medium range. These sweaters are offered in shopping centers under the brand Armor Lux, Homecore, Hircus, Mr. Lacenaire or Paris Yorker.

For high-end sweaters, we offer the following brands:

What brands of LUXE Sweaters buy?

A pullover of more than 400 € is considered as high-end. SEH Kelly and Ly Adams offer. The big names, however, are Kanata, Editions MR, Scott & Charters and Inis Meàin. Onerous to manufacture, organic sweaters are particularly aimed at privileged customers, such as the rich and the stars. Brands like Hopaal, Loom or Olow have specialized in this segment. Loom offers his sweater in virgin material at € 800 in Paris.


The sweater is an easy to find garment, but not always easy to choose. However, having in mind the criteria that must be taken into account when choosing, namely the material, the size, the cut and the color, it is impossible to make a bad choice. The association with the other clothes is also to take into account, to bring out a more stylish look.

We wish you liked this article, and we would be curious to have your feedback on it? For example, could you tell us what are your favorite brands of pullovers? What pullover colors do you prefer, and how do you associate them?

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