How To Choose And Wear Well Your Underwear ? [The Ultimate Guide]

How to choose and wear well your underwear - EOLE PARIS

Although they are not always visible, underwear is an element not to be neglected in men’s clothing. To put every day or particularly chosen for a special occasion in love, the underwear is required under all outfits. That’s why his choice is important. This article aims to guide you in choosing your underwear: cut, material, size, brand, etc. With this guide, you can easily find the underwear that will suit every situation.

How to choose well your underwear ?

To choose your underwear, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the MODEL of underwear that you like
  2. Choose the right underwear that suits you
  3. Find the SIZE of the undergarment adapted to your morphology
  4. Choose the COLOR in the tone of your feeling

We invite you to continue reading to learn more about this topic.



What is exactly an underwear ?

The answer to this question seems obvious. However, before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to know what an undergarment really is. As the name suggests, the word underwear refers to the clothes we wear below our clothes. Clearly, this type of clothing is worn close to the body, usually to protect us from the cold.

Why to wear an underwear ?

There are many reasons to wear underwear. If at the beginning underwear was created for hygiene reasons, today men wear underwear for various reasons:

  • To protect the sex and the skin of the buttocks against rubbing with clothes whose fabrics are more or less aggressive, such as jeans, the fabric of costumes, too thick fabrics, etc. ;
  • To protect from cold during cool periods and to absorb sweat during the summer;
  • To cover the genitals well in case the outer garments are too transparent;
  • To better seduce during a romantic night.

What are the part to make an underwear ?

The anatomy of a man’s underwear is very variable depending on his model. However, in general, a men’s undergarment consists of:

  • An elastic band;
  • A pocket for the crotch;
  • An elastic fly;
  • A fabric to protect the buttocks and sometimes the thighs;

The elastic band of an undergarment serves as a belt to prevent it from falling. For this element, some men prefer that the elastic is apparent, others opt for a version camouflaged under the fabric. Regarding the elastic fly, it is optional. This is a small elastic opening on the side of the pocket supporting the crotch, very useful for peeing.


Which underwear to choose ?

Today, there is a panel of choices of underwear models for men. To choose the right underwear, the following must be taken into consideration:

  1. The CUTTING underwear
  2. The FABRICS of underwear
  3. The COLOR of the underwear
  4. SIZE of the underwear

Now let’s see together the details to choose your underwear.

Which model to choose for your underwear ?

Available in various cuts, underwear for men are categorized as follows:

  • Boxer Briefs

Boxers Briefs - EOLE PARIS

The boxer Briefs is a very elegant underwear cut. It is an undergarment that is worn under fitted pants. Ideal model if you do not like marks on the skin. This cut guarantees maximum comfort by preventing friction. Available in several lengths, the boxer adapts to all morphologies. Its length enhances the leg muscles. It is also the underwear suitable for sports activities.

  • Briefs


The cut of the Briefs is more adjusted, compared to the boxer. It’s a timeless haircut in the world of men’s underwear. Indeed, the brief was initially intended for little boys, but this cut has recently returned and is very popular with modern men. The brief is very comfortable and keeps sex in place throughout the day. In addition, this cut is worn daily with all kinds of pants.

  • Briefs notched

Briefs notched are a modern version of the traditional slip for men. Like the underpants, this new version offers the same great comfort and is worn with all outfits. Its advantage is to be very popular with women. It is therefore an excellent underwear to spend a restless night (in the good sense).

  • String

Men string - EOLE PARIS

The string was, at its creation, a cut of underwear dedicated to women. It is a cut that reveals the buttocks in order to stimulate sexual desire. The front is reserved for the pocket that supports sex. As for the back, a thin strip reveals the buttocks. It must be admitted that this type of underwear is quite uncomfortable for men who are not used to wearing it. However, he is very sexy and is well appreciated by women. Currently, this underwear is back in force and is very popular with men. It is part of the arsenal of effective seduction for a night of love.

  • Boxers


A very simple and classic underwear cut, underpants are part of the timeless of men’s underwear. Very chic, it blends with all types of pants and is adopted by all age categories. Ample, the underpants is very comfortable, which is all its advantage.

  • Jockstrap

Jockstrap - EOLE PARIS

Jockstrap is another sexy haircut of underwear for men. It is characterized by a cloth pocket designed to support the male sex in the front. In the back, two bands of elastics are placed under the buttocks to round them and give more sex appeal to the wearer. Viewed from behind, the jockstrap gives the impression of wearing nothing, the desired effect to spice up the circumstances.

Which fabrics to choose for your underwear ?

Which fabrics to choose for your underwear ? EOLE PARIS

The choice of material for an undergarment is essential. Indeed, apart from the cut, the material is all the comfort of an underwear. To make the right choice, let’s see together the characteristics of each subject.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the ideal material for men’s underwear. This is the material that guarantees maximum comfort. For daily wear, stretch cotton is preferable. The biggest advantage of a cotton undergarment is its ability to let the skin breathe. Indeed, during harsh periods of heat wave, cotton absorbs sweat so as to avoid bad smells. In winter, it protects the skin from the cold. Mixed cotton is also another option. However, pure cotton is the choice of material par excellence, especially for men with sensitive skin. Well resistant, this fabric is easy to maintain.

  • Lycra

Lycra is a very soft material to the touch. Elastic, it provides great comfort and blends perfectly with the masculine silhouette. Thus, this kind of fabric is widely used in the men’s underwear industry. Highly elastic, lycra is less likely to deform compared to other materials. This type of fabric is very easy to maintain. You can indeed wash a lycra underwear by hand or washing machine. This material is very resistant, which guarantees a good durability. You can not wrinkle, it spares you ironing.

  • Microfibres

Microfibres are the ideal material for underwear dedicated to sportsmen. Indeed, this material is very resistant to heat, while allowing the skin to breathe. It absorbs perspiration and provides great comfort during your workouts. It is also a fabric that dries very quickly. You will have no trouble maintaining it. It is machine washable as well as hand washable. To dry, you can leave it in the open air or tumble dry.

  • Polyester

Like microfiber, polyester is a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric. It is a material that molds the body so as to highlight the masculine forms. Which is why it is the ideal material for sexy underwear, but also for sports underwear. The polyester guarantees optimal comfort and prevents chafing against clothes with a fairly aggressive fabric. In addition, polyester is a very practical material, since it can not wrinkle. You will not have to iron it. This material is also very resistant to washing.

  • Modal

The properties of the modal are very close to those of cotton. It is indeed a material that borders on perfection in underwear. Its first advantage lies in its lightness, which makes it an ideal material for all kinds of situations: daily wear, sports activities, etc. The modal is well known for letting the skin breathe. In addition, instead of retaining moisture, the modal allows it to evaporate easily. It is indeed a fabric that dries very quickly.

  • Viscose

Viscose is a very soft synthetic fiber to the touch. Fluid, it blends perfectly with the shape of the body and corresponds to a daily port. Silky, viscose is the perfect material for sexy underwear. It also guarantees excellent comfort and effectively absorbs sweat.

  • Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is a relatively rare material. However, she is popular in the men’s lingerie industry. Made from natural bamboo, this fabric is fine and very soft to the touch. It sticks to the skin and gives an impression of nudity while protecting from the cold. Bamboo fiber is the perfect material for underwear for a striptease or a hot night.

Which colors to choose for your underwear  ?

Which colors to choose your underwear ? EOLE PARIS

Making the right choice of the color of an undergarment is very important. Generally, as a man, it is more advisable to choose neutral colors so as not to attract too much attention in case of an embarrassing incident. Neutral colors are also colors that adapt more to masculinity, while bright colors are often reserved for femininity. Black, white, beige, navy blue, gray are the most classic colors for men’s underwear. In addition, you can bet on the stripes for underpants or shorts. Fine blue or red stripes will not hurt. Regarding men’s underwear, you can opt for bright and attractive colors such as red for a sexier look.

How to choose your underwear size ?

How to choose your underwear size ? EOLE PARIS

For the choice of an undergarment, the size is also an important element. To properly choose the size of your underwear, it is first essential to know its size and weight. It is based on this information that you can choose the size of your underwear. Do not hesitate to make a fitting before buying an undergarment.

Which size for your underwear ?

In general, there are six sizes of men’s undergarments. The sizes are expressed by the following calibrations: XS (extra small), S (small), M (medium), L (wide), XL (extra large), XXL (extra extra large). These terms expressing the size may vary from one country to another and sometimes even from one brand to another.

To know your size of underwear, we advise you to refer to the chart this conversion below.

This table will allow you to match the sizes of the underwear and the equivalent in centimeters.

Les tailles de sous vetements -EOLE PARIS

SizeWaist (in cm)Pant size (in cm)FR

Why the underwear size is so important ?

Making the right choice of underwear is very important to gain maximum comfort throughout the day. Indeed, an undergarment that is not the right size can only provide discomfort and discomfort to the person wearing it.

What are the details to check before to buy your underwear ?

When buying underwear, we advise you to unpack the packaging to directly see the product. You will be able to look in detail at the finishes.

Here are some examples of the finishes you should look at carefully before buying your underwear:

  • The elastic of the underwear is it relaxed or does it seem to you of good quality?
  • Are the seams well finished?
  • Does the fabric have snags?

How to wear well your underwear ?

How to wear well your underwear ? EOLE PARIS

To properly wear your underwear, we advise you to know your morphology. Indeed, depending on your typology of body, underwear will be more or less well adapted.

  • Triangular Morphology: We recommend boxers for men with triangular morphology
  • Rectangular morphology: Men with a rectangular morphology should move towards the underpants and boxers.
  • Trapezoid morphology: With a trapezoidal morphology, you will be able to perfectly wear underpants, underpants and boxers.
  • Inverted triangle morphology: Like trapezoidal morphology, inverted triangle morphologies can be worn underpants, boxers and underpants.
  • Oval Morphology: We recommend underpants for oval morphology.

Morphology underwear - EOLE PARIS

Which brands to choose for your underwear ?

Which brands to choose your underwear ? EOLE PARIS

There are several categories of underwear brands, including low-end underwear, entry-level underwear, mid-range underwear, high-end underwear and luxury underwear. . Low-end underwear brands are not recommended. As it is underwear, it is imperative to be strict vis-à-vis the quality of the product. In fact, underwear of poor quality can cause more or less serious diseases, both for the skin and for the genitals. So avoid buying cheap underwear.

We advise you to start your shopping from the entry level. For a good value for money, opt for Uniqlo if you have a fairly limited budget. For a slightly higher budget, you have a selection of brands such as Puma, Diesel, Boss, Lacoste, Sun, Tommy Hilfiger, Hom, etc.

To facilitate reading, we have classified underwear into 5 categories:

  • Entry-level underwear for less than 10 euros
  • Mid-range underwear between 10 and 30 euros
  • High-end underwear between 30 and 50 euros
  • The underwear of “luxury” to more than 50 euros

Let’s see in detail the different brands.

Which entry level underwear to choose ?

As for underwear, entry-level brands are few, we offer the following brands:

  • ATHENA : A wide choice in underwear
  • DIM : A shop well known for its men’s underwear
  • UNIQLO : Unmatched comfort for underwear that can be forgotten

Which medium level underwear to choose ?

Costing between 10 to 30 €, the mid-range underwear that we offer are:

Which top underwear brands to choose ?

For underwear between 30 and 50 € high-end, we offer the following brands:

What brands of Luxe underwear to buy ?

Finally over 50 euros, we have selected the following luxury underwear brands:

  • AUBADE MEN : Aubade puts comfort forward for its collections dedicated to seduction in men.
  • DOLCE GABBANA : Crafts creations that make each creation unique and distinguishes it from others.
  • ZIMMERLI : A Swiss house


To properly choose your underwear, it is first important to know the different models of underwear for men and their respective function. It is then essential to take into account the material used to make the underwear and to choose one according to your tastes and preferences. Color is an element to remember given the wide choice on the shelves. To finalize your choice, try to check the finishes (seam, elastic, pocket, etc.). Regarding the brands of underwear, you can make your choice according to your budget.

We wish you liked this article, and we would be curious to have your feedback on it? For example, could you tell us what are your favorite brands of underwear? What colors of underwear do you prefer, and how do you associate them?

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