How To Choose And Wear Your Coat ? [Ultimate Guide]

How to choose and wear well your coat - EOLE PARIS

The coat is a winter garment with many features. Well chosen, it can last a long time and suit all circumstances. However, it is difficult to choose one, especially with a limited budget. Designed to help you in your choice, this guide will inform you about everything there is to know about the coat from A to Z: its different characteristics, its different finishes and errors to avoid when buying. Thus, you will be able to make the right choice and quickly identify good quality items.

How to choose and wear well your coat ?

To choose your coat, you should follow 8 steps:

  • Know your silhouette to choose a suitable model
  • Choose the material according to the season and the look (simple or casual)
  • Choose the color according to the trend and the complexion of your skin
  • Choose the finish: hooded, with fur, with button or closure, pocket style, etc.
  • Check if the coat fits your style
  • Check the cut of the sleeves and choose a size
  • Check the quality of the confection
  • Compare the prices



What is a coat ?

From Latin mantellum meaning veil, the coat is a long garment covering the hips. Combined with winter wear, it is designed to protect against the elements. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the coat is known by another name, paltok, translated into French by the term “paletot”. The coat is characterized by an opening on the front and by long sleeves.

Why to wear a coat ?

The coat is worn on many occasions: parties, work, evening, hiking, etc. Indeed, this garment fulfills several roles : 

  • The coat will keep you warm during your little night outings, the parka will be better adapted to protect you from the cold of winter
  • For mountain hikers, the coat will stay dry
  • The waterproof coat protects from rain during the rainy season
  • Fitted to a garment and accessories, it perfectly complements a well-defined dress style.

What are the parts to make a coat ?

  • On the market, there are more than twenty varieties of coats, all having a few points in common:An opening on the front (button or closure)
  • A wide collar
  • Large pockets on the sides


Which coat to choose ?

To choose your coat, you must take into consideration:

  1. The coat’s MODEL
  2. The coat’s FABRICS
  3. The coat’s COLORS
  4. The coat’s SIZE

Now let’s see together the details to choose your coat.

Which MODEL to choose for your coat ?

There are about ten declensions of coat cuts. You certainly have one in your wardrobe.

  • The coat Chesterfield and covert coat

The coat Chesterfield - EOLE PARIS

These cuts have both a medium-sized lapel, a slit in the back, 4 pockets including two horizontal welt pockets with leg, a breast pocket on the left and optional and a ticket pocket. Less long than the first, the Covert coat starts at mid-thigh while the Chesterfield sometimes reaches below the knee and is distinguished by its more pronounced hanger. If the Chesterfield cut is distinguished by its concealed buttoning, these coats take the most classic form of simple buttoning.

  • The Caban :

The Caban - EOLE PARIS

This style represents the coat in its most classic form. Originally used by the pirates of the fifteenth century, the pea coat is characterized by a straight and wide collar, underlined shoulders and pockets on the hips. It is marked by a double buttonhole. The coat is often navy blue.

  • The Duffle Coat :

the Duffle Coat - EOLE PARIS

The Duffle Coat is the symbol of the coats of English sailors of the nineteenth century. It is distinguished by horn-shaped buttons and a buttonhole made of rope ties. Perfect for winter, the Duffle Coat has a hood to protect from the cold. This type of coat is available in both short and long cut.

  • The Parka


Of military origin and singularly adopted by the Soviet army, this khaki-colored coat was worn by Russian political leaders, including Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin. The parka was created to face the Siberian climate. Which explains its double thicket. The parka also has a hood and its exterior is made of windproof material.

  • The coat mackintouch and Trench :

the coat mackintouch & Trench - EOLE PARIS

Designed from tight-woven cotton twill patina resin, Mackintouch and Trench are characterized by a windproof and water-repellent style. They are more suited to a cool climate than winter.

  • The waterproof coat :

the waterproof coat - EOLE PARIS

Available in various styles and sizes, the waterproof coat, usually made of canvas covers against rain or simply declined in different sizes and styles, usually canvas, it is reserved for bad weather and cool climate.

  • The coat Ulster :


The Ulster type coat has a generally slender silhouette and is double-breasted.

  • The coat Canadian :

Renowned for its cold, Canada has carved a type of coat that is specifically assigned to him. This coat is distinguished by its wool fur that effectively protects from the cold.

Which fabrics to choose for your coat ?

Which fabrics to choose for your coat ? EOLE PARIS

As a coat rhymes with comfort and warmth, the choice of fabric is important. Classic wool fabrics have the advantage of being warm and comfortable. Small flat, once wet, they give off a smell of sheep. Which is not very glamorous! Today, there are modern fabrics designed to store heat while letting the body breathe; down, for example.

Some materials are ideal for outdoor activities, such as onion peels. This is a revolutionary material, better known as “softshell”. The softshell is made of 3 layers of fabric: an insulating fabric to hold heat, a second that protects from the cold by preventing its penetration and a third allowing your body to breathe in the garment, wicking away body moisture.

Now let’s see together the most regularly used materials for making a coat:

  • Wool

With its natural breathable properties, wool is an essential material for coats because of its softness and its insulating properties. Highly resistant to water and cold, wool coats will keep you warm during the winter.

  • Cashmere

With a price significantly higher than sheep’s wool, cashmere is a very comfortable and silky material. It will usually be a quality coat, which you can wear for special occasions. In general, cashmere is not easy to maintain, and requires cleaning by hand. But we can guarantee that the game is worth the candle with a material that you will love to wear.

  • Mohair

With its very special frizzy style, mohair is a material perfectly suited for the cool seasons. Mohair is made using Angora goats, and it is a natural material particularly resistant over time.

  • Mix

Like all other garments, the coat does not escape the blending of materials to improve thermal properties and weight.

Which colors to choose for your coat ?

Which COLORS to choose for your COAT ? EOLE PARIS

Originally used by sailors, the Caban and Duffle Coat are chosen in marine colors. The other cuts are open to all colors. The pastel pink is perfect for an opaline skin and a dark and chic outfit. Women love it. Gray adds a touch of understated elegance to an ordinary outfit. Intense red will undoubtedly be the favorite of young people and fashion enthusiasts.

How to choose correctly your coat size ?

how to choose correctly your COAT size ? EOLE PARIS

Obviously, the size of coat is chosen according to the middle part. To get a coat in the right size, it will absolutely be necessary to take his measurement. In practice, we must add some measures to it in order to accommodate the layers of clothing easily. Thus, for a size 42, it is necessary to choose a coat of size 43, 44, or even 45.

To choose the size of your coat, we advise you to know the following measures:

  • Your Shoulder to Shoulder Length – Back Width
  • Your bust starting from the armpits
  • Your waistline
  • The sleeve length
  • The bottom of the coat
  • The sleeve opening
  • The length of the back

Which size to chose for your coat ?

The coat is available from size 42 to size 52. A size 42 is equivalent to a waist of 84, and a size 52 to a waist of 104. When trying on the coat, you can immediately recognize if it is at the good size or not. Especially when:

  • The shoulder is adjusted and without excess material
  • It is not too tight when covering a sweater or jacket
  • All buttons can close normally
  • You feel maintained, but not compressed
  • The sleeves slightly cover the wrists
  • The length touches the knee and just under the hips for the cabans.
  • To know your coat size, we advise you to refer to the table this conversion below.

This table will allow you to match the coat sizes and the equivalent in centimeters.

Universal SizeSize FRChest Size (cm)Waist Size (cm)Shoulder Width (cm)Sleeve Length (cm)Back length (cm)

Why the coat size is so important ?

Size is important for the practice of things. A coat too tight can not indeed include layers of clothing. Too wide, it can deteriorate the look. Hence the importance of choosing the garment in the right size.

What are the details to look at before to buy a coat ?

To find the perfect coat, some details are to be found. A true expression of style, the style of buttoning can give cachet to the coat. A Caban is normally equipped with a double row of buttons. The hood is also an element not to neglect to give a feeling of cocooning and an urban look. It helps to enhance the convenience of the coat in snowy weather. Finally, do not forget the lining, the real basis of the comfort of the garment.

Here are some examples of finishes that you should look at carefully before buying your coat:

  • The quality of the fabric looks good to you? Do you think this coat will be durable in time?
    Is the coat warm enough for winter or mid-season?
    Are the buttons and the closure in good condition?
    Does the coat have addicts?

How to wear a coat ?

How to choose well your coat ? EOLE PARIS

The coat is an easy to wear garment. Its chic version matches all the sober outfits. All the elements to enhance them may already be present in your dressing room: shirts, jackets, loafers, pants, belts, etc.

Like all clothing, the coat is chosen according to the morphology. The small sizes will be more highlighted in coats long or half-thighs: cabans ¾ for example. Oversized versions are not recommended, even the most adept, the risk of falling into the cheesy.

Which pants should your pair with your coat ?

which pants should you pair with your CoAT? EOLE PARIS

A coat may be dressed or casual. In both cases, it is necessary to choose a suitable stocking. According to the cut of the coat, the worn pants must be adopted with to avoid falling in the bad taste. For an urban look, pairing it with jeans is imperative. For a casual chic style, opt for a combination of leopard coat with black pants. The same type of coat will make excellent casual outfit with blue jeans.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your jeans / jeans / chinos, we advise you to read the articles we have dedicated to these topics:

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Which belt should your pair with your coat ?

Belts are not necessarily essential accessories for a coat. In addition, they are not visible once the garment closed. In casual mode, the coat is not worn with a belt, especially not with jeans underneath. Nevertheless, some types of coat, including leopards, are subtly worn with leather belts.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

Which Shoes should your pair with your coat ?

which shoes should you pair with your COAT ? EOLE PARIS 2

The coats are suitable for almost all shoe styles. From a certain length, they will tend to flatten the silhouette. What will be compensated by the type of shoes. Bending for a coat on well-fitting leather Chelsea boots is an urban look. For a style of the most Streetwear, opt for wearing coats with the famous Timberland pairs, practically acclimated to the weather. Hikers and hikers wear their coats on hiking boots, some of which are shared between hiking boots and sneakers.

If you would like to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject:

Comment bien choisir ses chaussures habillees - EOLE Paris 2

Which brands to choose for your coat ?

Which brands to choose for your COAT ? EOLE PARIS

There are more than fifty coat brands. The best known are: Hugo, J.Lindeberg, Closed, Bruuns Bazaar, Pyrenex, Harris Wharf London, and Tiger of Sweden. All these brands are available in France and each have their own specificity. Their price is about the same, except that of luxury brands targeting premium customers. If you are sensitive to the brand image, some renowned couturiers offer coats at reasonable prices.

To facilitate reading, we have classified the coats into 5 categories:

  • Low-end coats at less than 200 euros
  • The entry-level cloaks between 200 and 400 euros
  • Coats medium range between 400 and 600 euros
  • High-end coats between 600 and 1000 euros
  • Coats of “luxury” to more than 1000 euros
  • Let’s see in detail the different brands.

What are the brands of low-end coat to know?

In practice, it is the quality of the garment that determines the range. Low-end coats are composed of less than 30% organic matter. Their linings are made of synthetic fibers, but keep warm all the same. For a coat of this quality, demand a price below 200 €. COS and Monoprix offer.

Which entry level coat brands to choose?

The entry-level coats cost between 300 and 400 €. They are offered by the same brands that offer low-end products including Monoprix, COS, but also Carhartt and Follow my Eyes. As features, these products are made from virgin material of at least 30%. They are the most widespread in France.

At the entry level, we offer the following brands:

Which brands of medium range coat to buy?

The mid-range coats cost between 400 and 600 €. Designed in thick woolen cloth, these clothes are real durable pieces. They must be made of pure wool and in no case of composed materials. As for the finish, these mid-range coats are often offered with a number of functional details: horn buttons, hood or large pockets. The best brands in this field are Woolrich, Suitsupply, Aigle, Harmony, Armor Lux and Barbour.

Let’s take a closer look at the mid-range coat brands:

  • AIGLE : Warm and comfortable materials
  • ARMOR LUX : A trendy chic marine look
  • BARBOUR : Comfort at all times
  • HARMONY : Coats “refined, simplified, detailed”
  • SUITSUPPLY : Very well fitted coats
  • WOOLRICH : Coats made in the classic Woolrich fabric

Which top coat brands to choose?

Costing between € 600 and € 1,000, high-end coats are offered by De Bonne Facture, Nobis, WooYoungMi, Belstaff, Yves Salomon and Ly Adams. These coats are pure wool or in a natural fabric composed of cashmere, camel skin or mohair. For a garment of this caliber, specialists often use technical materials, including onion peels.

For high-end coats, we offer the following brands:

What brands of LUXE coat to buy?

The luxury coats that flood the jet set market are: Loro Piana, Hartwood, Belvest, Berluti and Cesare Attolini. Expect some very high quality parts with a cut with a scalpel and horn buttons, even plated in gold! The design will be successful and unique, the colors will be trendy with sober touches. Robust and weatherproof, such coats have a life of 7 to 15 years.


To choose a coat, you must first determine the occasion to which it will be worn. Then you have to choose a cut and a model adapted to your morphology. For details, it will be best to choose the material first, a criterion that will depend heavily on the budget. After, it will be necessary to opt for the ideal size with the color of choice. After this step, check the finish: pockets, hood, buttons, lining, etc. At this level, it will be time to think about the look that you want to adopt and the outfit that can be matched with your coat.

Now your turn, would we be curious to have your return on this article on the coats? For example, could you tell us what are your favorite brands? Which coat colors do you prefer, and how do you associate them?

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