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How to choose and wear well your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

The jacket is one of the essential items in men’s fashion.

That said …

… between size, colors, materials, details and different models, it seems difficult to choose.

Fortunately, we have prepare for you this article to help you to take decision more easily for your next jacket.

We have integrated all the possible options to present you all the possible choices.

Also, consult this guide to discover all the models of jackets on the market and make your selection according to your preferences.

How to choose your jacket ?

To choose your jacket, follow these different steps:

  • Choose the jacket MODELS
  • Choose the FABRICS
  • Identify the SIZES
  • Choose COLORS
  • Alway TRY your jacket before to buy

Let’s find out more in depth all these answers.


Jackets - EOLE PARIS

What is a jacket ?

Initialy …

… a jacket is a garment worn over another.

This is a tight jacket at the waist and opening on the front.

The jacket has a zipper or buttons.

Over time, he has been able to embody both the sportwear and rock’n’roll look.

The coat will allow you to dress your shoulders, your back and your arms with the sleeves.

Why wear a jacket ?

This garment is one of the key pieces in men’s fashion. So, it seems important to wear it because:

  • The jacket is a practical and comfortable versatile piece that goes with many morphologies. Big and small, for both women and men, the jacket fits all genres and a great deal of style. Indeed, this fashion garment adapts itself as well to an elegant outfit as to a relaxed style, while passing by a casual look.
  • The jacket remains a timeless garment that goes through the modes. Today, and in order to adapt to the new needs and uses of men, the jacket has become lighter, better cut, with a price that has tended to decrease to be more accessible. New colors and new models have appeared, and new designers have taken hold of this piece by proposing new orientations in styles.

What are the part to make a jacket ?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s take a few minutes to discover the anatomy of a men’s jacket. The long and structured cut brings together 16 constituent elements:

  • Shoulder lines
  • The under collar
  • The head of the sleeve
  • The bottom of the sleeve
  • Buttonhole
  • Setbacks
  • Lapel lapel
  • The plastron
  • Interlining
  • Front buttoning
  • The chest pocket
  • The outside pocket
  • The ticket pocket
  • Slot
  • Topstitching
  • The half-moon

Which models of jackets to choose ?

To choose the right jacket, you must take into consideration:

  • The jacket MODELS
  • The jacket FABRICS
  • The jacket COLORS
  • The jacket SIZE

Now let’s see together the details to choose your coat.

Which models to choose for your jacket ?

  • Le perfecto

The perfecto is distinguished by its notched collar pressed by pressure buttons.

This model confers a bad boy look because of its close fit and biker style.

Most designers crinkle the jacket to accentuate its wild side.

Nevertheless, some brands prefer to revisit his style to soften this “bad boy” effect.

The perfecto - EOLE PARIS

  • The bombardier jacket

The bomber is a style of jacket with a fairly straight cut, and tightened at the waist.

The shirt collar is folded down and this model is often worn closed.

This type of jacket is not suitable for men with oval silhouette with a little belly, but we recommend it for trapezoidal or rectangular morphologies.

Ideal for cold weather, the leather bomber gives real thermal comfort.

The bombardier jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The bomber

Like the bomber, the bomber was first adopted by the US Air Force.

This men’s clothing is distinguished by its nylon fabric and its clear lining.

The bomber includes a low and a high collar on the edge.

Two angled pockets are located on the stomach.

The bomber jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The teddy

The teddy is well known as a jacket used by baseball players.

The leather sleeves and the boiled wool bust give this jacket all its originality.

Worn with a fitted shirt, jeans and desertboots or brogues, the teddy reveals a very casual look.

Today, the brands regularly wear the Teddy, bringing in particular variants on the sleeves and the bust.

The teddy jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The double-breasted coat

The double-breasted coat is made of leather and wool

With a cropped neckline, the pea coat reveals a sheep fur contrasting with the outer velvet appearance.

This model is so much easier to wear that it gives a casual style.

The caban double breasted - EOLE PARIS

  • Moncler

Ideal for cold periods, the jacket reveals a straight cut at the waist.

This coat is equipped with a simple collar and a hood.

The use of noble materials gives maximum resistance.

This outfit displays a sporty chic style. 

The moncler - EOLE PARIS

  • The biker jacket

The biker jacket is the jewel of leather jackets.

This jacket stands out from the perfecto with its revisited cut, its wise look and its length.

This piece will highlight your build.

In addition, this garment is worn in both winter and summer, which will make it all the easier to use.

The biker jacket - EOLE PARIS

Which fabrics to choose for your jacket ?

Which materials to choose for your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

  • The denim jacket

The timeless jean jacket took off in the 90s.

Since then, this piece is one of the essential men’s wardrobe.

The owners particularly appreciate the comfort and resistance.

Finally, the jean jacket has the advantage of matching many styles, and can be worn in summer and winter.

The denim jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The wool jacket

Opt for a soft wool jacket to keep you warm on cool days.

Solid and lightweight, wool is the best material with excellent fineness / strength, as it has the ability to absorb moisture.

With its thermal insulating properties, the wool jacket will give you all the freshness you need.

the wool jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The jacket cotton

Another breathable textile fiber: cotton is suitable for summer thanks to its refreshing properties.

This material is very popular throughout the world especially because of its ease of maintenance.

Jackets and mid-season jackets made from cotton are soft and durable and can also be worn in winter to maximize thermal comfort.

The cotton jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The jacket leather

There are many variations of leather.

This jacket can be made from lamb, veal, sheep, goat, cowhide, buffalo, chamois, suede and antelope leather.

Leather from exotic animals can also be used, such as crocodile, snake and fish leather, which we do not recommend for animals in danger of extinction.

The leather jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The jacket polyester

Flexible and strong, this material is an excellent insulator against the cold.

Polyester is a material that is widely used in the manufacture of jackets, the manufacture of sportswear, swimsuits and coats.

Only downside, polyester does not absorb moisture, so it is not recommended for winter.

The polyester jacket - EOLE PARIS

  • The jacket polyamide

Nylon or polyamide is a resilient and resilient synthetic material.

This material was used to make feminine stockings.

Today, polyamide is used as raw material for the manufacture of trench coats, parkas, jerseys …

Which colors to choose for your jacket ?

Which colors to choose for your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

The first reflex in choosing a jacket is to ban the “dapper” colors that will make the associations complex.

If this is a first purchase, we advise you to make it simpler to opt for a gray or black jacket.

These two colors will have the advantage of being able to adapt with any style.

In addition, you can easily play with the contrasts, to bring your dose of originality.

How to choose your jacket size ?

How to choose well the size of your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

To choose your jacket size, we advise you to know the following measures:

  • Your shoulder to shoulder length
  • Your bust height
  • Your waistline
  • Your sleeve length

What are the jacket size ?

The jacket size - EOLE PARIS

SizeChest size (in cm)Jacket size (in cm)FR
XS72 – 7636/380
S80 – 8840/441
M92 – 9646/482
L100 – 10450/523
XL108 – 11254/564
2XL116 – 12058/605
3XL128- 13264/666
4XL136 – 14068/707
5XL144 – 14872/748

Why the size of your jacket is so important ?

Size is paramount in choosing a jacket for many reasons.

First of all, the jacket emphasizes your silhouette according to your morphology.

Then, a jacket of the right size will bring a certain elegance to your outfit.

What are the details to check before to buy your jacket ?

Before buying a jacket, remember to check the cut according to your morphology.

Also inspect the type of closure, to see if there is any fault.

In addition, take into account the quality of the material used to make it to check if there is any hitch or tear.

How to wear well your jacket ?

How to wear well your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

When wearing a jacket, it can be interesting, depending on the model and colors to match your shoes and pants.

These are exactly the issues we are going to address now.

Which pants should you wear with your jacket ?

Which pants should you wear with your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

To put it simply, trousers with dark colors match any jacket.

For example, with a perfecto, opt for tight pants or jeans.

This style will enhance your figure.

Same thing for a biker jacket.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your jeans, we advise you to read the article we have dedicated to these topics.

 Comment bien choisir son chino - EOLE PARIS Comment bien choisir son pantalon - EOLE PARIS

Which belt to choose for your jacket ?

Choisissez une ceinture casual, autrement dit, une ceinture tissée à rayures avec une boucle en D pour votre blouson simple.

Pour un blouson en cuir marron, choisissez une ceinture de la même matière et d’une couleur identique.

Généralement, nous vous conseillerons d’opter pour une ceinture en cuir de couleur sombre, qui sera parfait pour tous les modèles de blouson.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

Which shoes to wear with your jacket ?

Which shoes should your wear with your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

A streetwear jacket blends perfectly with a pair of sneakers.

To intensify the sportwear style, opt for Reebok, Superstar or Asics.

Leather Derbys agree with a teddy.

Choose a pair of Chelsea boot with a dark trenchcoat.

If you would like to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject: 

Comment bien choisir ses chaussures habillees - EOLE Paris 2

Which brands to choose for your jacket ?

Which brands to choose for your jacket ? EOLE PARIS

Which low-end level jacket to choose ?

The low-end jackets are usually sold between 150 to 400 euros.

These jackets are usually made from low quality cotton or wool.

For this price leather jackets are often flooded with plaster that can hide imperfections, so far from ideal as you can imagine.

Which entry level jacket to choose ?

The price of an entry-level jacket ranges from 400 to 600 euros.

These items can be made with bi-material parts (wool / leather, cotton / leather).

The leather entry jackets are pretty good.

Nevertheless, the thickness of the material differs between the armpits, the collar, the bust and the sleeves.

Redskins, Serge Pariente and Massimo Duti are among the entry-level brands.

Which medium level jacket to choose ?

The mid-range jackets are marketed on the market between 600 and 900 euros.

This category of jacket offers “worked” pieces with viscose or cupro linings.

All Saints, Falcon Garments, Atelier Bertrand, Chevignon and Schott are among the best brands of mid-range jackets.

To these brands is added Ron Abraham offering high quality leather jackets.

Which top jacket brands to choose ?

Jackets and jackets upscale are sold between 900 and 1500 euros

In this category are brands like Aero Leather Clothing, Hoon, Coach, Valsar and The Real McCoys.

The latter focuses on the workwear style, inspired by the military outfits of the 40s and 50s.

What brands of luxe jacket to buy ?

Luxury blazer brands sell items from 1,500 euros and up.

Leather jackets in this category keep their quality and can be kept for years.

In this section, brands such as: Isaac Sellam Experience, Balmain and Carol Christian Poell offer luxury jackets of the highest quality.

The Rick Owen brand remains the best known and most appreciated.


In order to choose your jacket, you must first identify the different models on the market.

Then, check the materials used for the confection and their quality.

Then inspect the color according to your preferences.

Linger on the waist to adjust the item to your figure.

Then try the jacket before finalizing your purchase.

In addition, take a moment to correctly associate your coat with your shoes and your belt to assert your look.

We really hope that this article will have helped you decide to buy your next jacket.

Tell us in comment if you have questions about this, we will be happy to answer.

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