Our atelier

ÉOLE Paris is an atelier of creation, production and sales of clothing, bags and accessories. We start our adventure with the will to create a QUALITY brand, keeping freshness, coolness, sincerity and STYLE. We are creating our designs by ourself in PARIS, with originalities and inspired by arts. For the clothing, we are proposing the following products :

  • Tee-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Crop top

Paris 17ème in our heart

Our atelier is located 20 passage Cardinet 75017, Paris. Our environment is around rue Lévis, and the Batignolles district. In this little towm in the middle of Paris, people are nice and welcoming.

Us – ÉOLE Paris

We are Mariana and Alexandre fonder of ÉOLE Paris. Mariana is brazilian-japanese, Alexandre is french. They met together at Sao Paulo in 2016. At this time, Alexandre was working on the wind turbine projet in north of Brazil, Mariana was architect. Since this moment, their life has been joined. Mariana paint and draw, she loves flowers and aquarelle. Alexandre like philosophy and crazy challenges.

When we decide to create ÉOLE Paris, we choose to start this wonderful adventure together. Mariana is in charge of the artistic direction, Alexandre develops the business activities. We believe that we work and kindness, we will manage to build a company sustainable respecting everybody.

Crossed presentations :

When Mariana is talking about Alexandre :

“Alexandre is a rational dreamer, looking at the world with a microscope and a telescope at the same time. Sometimes he is telling me that he has chosen a total life, with all that it can include, sadness and joy and it makes him laugh! He is impregnated by philosophy and hedonism, and he loves to say that fate does not exist. “At ÉOLE Paris, he deals with all aspects of business. I’ve never met a person who’s so passionate about freedom! ”

When Alexandre is presenting Mariana :

“Mariana is the perfect melting pot between Japanese and Brazilian culture, which means I don’t have all the clues to understand her, the most of the time (laugh). Mariana is a piece of joy, a big laugh and smile, she loves life deeply. At ÉOLE Paris, she is in charge of the artistic orientations, and she always has the last word on the subject.In her very essence, Mariana is a pure creator, and deeply a kind person”.

Our products

At ÉOLE Paris, we are proposing few products for our clients

Ours Bags

The choice of simplicity is really part of our guidelines at ÉOLE Paris. Like our bag or Tote Bag. This product is beautiful and extremely resistant. We will decline our bags in 3 sizes.

Our pouchs

Our pouchs are very practical to put makeup or to make a little storage. We decline them into two sizes.

Our tee-shirts

During our creative phase, we spend a lot of time thinking about a perfect T-shirt that our customers will be happy and proud to wear.

Sweat Chien Rouge Resonance - EOLE PARIS

Our hoodies

When it is cold outside and you want to stay really hot, we recommend our sweatshirts. Super soft and comfortable, you will love them.

Our sweatshirts

When it is cold outside and you want to stay really hot, we recommend our sweatshirts. Super soft and comfortable, you will love them.


Our scarfs

The subtlety and the softness of our scarves.

Les chaussettes - Collection Terrazzo

Our accessories

We propose few accessories to be stylish an all circonstances.