How To Choose And Wear Well Your Scarf ? [The Ultimate Guide]

How to choose and wear well your scarf ? EOLE PARIS

The scarf is an essential accessory of the male wardrobe.

At the same time practical and stylish, it is not always easy to choose one that fits perfectly.

Color, material, style and brand, choosing a scarf can sometimes be a real headache. The purpose of this article is to guide you in choosing your next scarf.

For that, we will present you the important points to consider as well as the mistakes to avoid before buying a scarf.

How to choose and wear your scarf ?

To make the right choice before buying a scarf, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the SCARF cut you prefer
  2. Choose a COLOR that you like
  3. Decide on the FABRICS of the scarf
  4. Choose the scarf BRAND that fits your budget

Afterwards, let’s look at the details of these steps to make the right choice before buying a scarf.


scarfs - EOLE PARIS

What is a scarf ?

The scarf, also known as a scarf or muffler, is an accessory fabric that is worn around the neck. This type of accessory is appreciated by both men and women.

The primary function of a scarf is first to protect the neck during cool periods. However, it can also be worn during the summer seasons to sublimate an outfit.

Why wear a scarf ?

Here are the two most obvious reasons to wear a scarf:

  • Protect the neck against cold and gales
  • Highlight the sartorial look

What are the part to make a scarf ?

The scarf is a very simple neck dress. It consists only of a few elements in general. However, the elements that make up a scarf can vary depending on the model. A scarf may consist of:

  • Only a cloth
  • A stuff with fringes at both ends
  • A fabric fringed
  • Seams

The main element of a scarf is actually its stuff. Depending on the cut, the scarf can be embellished with fringes for more aesthetics.

Which models of gloves to choose ?

Which models to choose for your scarf ? EOLE PARIS

To choose your scarf, we advise you to pay particular attention to the following:

  1. The scarves’ MODELS
  2. The scarves’ FABRICS
  3. The scarves’ COLORS of scarves to fit your needs
  4. The scarves’ SIZES

Let’s see in the rest of this article how to choose each of these elements.

Which models to choose for your scarf ?

There are several scarf cuts in the fashion industry. Let’s take a closer look at each cup to better choose:

  • The classical scarf

THe classical scarf - EOLE PARIS

The cut of a classic scarf is very simple, especially the simplest among the existing scarf cuts. A classic scarf has an elongated shape.

It is quite long and can wrap an average of two to three times around the neck. In addition, with a classic scarf, you can do one trick and let both ends fall on your shoulders or back.

  • The snood

The snood - EOLE PARIS

The snood, also called a choker or tube scarf, is a trendy haircut. Unlike the classic scarf, the snood has a tube shape. It can be thick or thin according to your tastes. Its length is also very variable.

The snood avoids the problems of the scarf that continues to unravel all day, making it very convenient. You can don the snood like a necklace and wrap it around your neck if it proves to be long enough.

  • The keffieh

The keffieh - EOLE PARIS

The keffiyeh is a cup of Palestinian origin. It is a square-shaped fabric that is folded in two to have a rectangular shape.

Originally, the keffiyeh is black and white with checkered patterns. However, today it exists in different colors and patterns.

The keffiyeh has become a popular model in the field of fashion.

  • The cheche

The cheche - EOLE PARIS

The chèche is a mixture of scarf and scarf. It is a cup traditionally worn by desert men.

Formerly, this kind of scarf was rolled up over the head and face to protect from the sun.

Today, the chèche is used to sublimate a dress. In general, it has the same long form as a classic scarf. However, a scarf is a very long scarf, about 5 to 8 meters long, that wraps many times around the neck.

It is very often made of very fine and light material, which is all its advantage.

  • The scarf oversize

Oversize scarf - EOLE PARIS

As the name implies, the oversized scarf defines a very large scarf, that is to say a scarf longer and thicker than normal. It’s a trendy haircut even during the summer months.

The oversized scarf comes in many different shapes, including the oversize classic scarf and the oversize snood.

The keffiyeh and the cheche do not exist in oversize, since these scarf cuts were created to be light.

Which fabrics to choose for your scarf ?

Which fabrics to choose for your scarf ? EOLE PARIS

There are a lot of scarf materials, to be spoiled for choice. To opt for the good, it is necessary to take into consideration the season.

For maximum comfort, it is essential to choose lightweight materials during the summer months and materials that stay warm during cold periods.

However, even with a scarf that fits perfectly with your outfit, you will not be comfortable if the material does not match the season.

  • Cachemire

Cashmere is as soft as wool in contact with the skin.

It is a 100% natural fiber, so it presents no risk to the skin, even the most sensitive. At sight, the cashmere is very luxurious. It is also insulating, protecting from cold and wind. Cashmere is therefore an ideal material for winter.

It is interesting to remember that this material also protects from heat, making it an excellent material for scarves in summer. As for the maintenance, it is advisable to wash the cashmere by hand for less aggression.

  • Silk

Silk is a natural fiber very soft and delicate. It is one of the most luxurious scarf materials.

Light, silk isolates from the cold and protects from heat. It is therefore a scarf material that can be worn in both summer and winter.

Regarding maintenance, it is advisable to wash a silk scarf by hand, carefully. Silk is also a material to shelter from the sun and rain.

  • Wool

The wool is a material both soft to the touch and very resistant to the cold. Insulating, this fabric is able to protect from wind and cold. It is thus a matter to privilege for the cool seasons in order to be sheltered from the cold.

Regarding its maintenance, it will be necessary to be careful not to undo the stuff. Machine wash the wool at low temperature or prefer a delicate hand wash to ensure the durability of your scarf.

In addition, wool is a material that does not retain dust and does not get dirty. So you will have to wash it very rarely. 

  • Viscose

Viscose, also known as rayon, is an artificial silk. It is therefore a semi-natural and semi-synthetic material.

The viscose is very pretty to see and is very soft to the touch.

It is a good absorbent material that can perfectly protect you from the cold during the winter. When it comes to maintenance, you can wash a viscose scarf both machine and hand, but at a fairly low temperature.

However, it is worth remembering that the viscose creases quite easily. So you must iron it with a soft iron.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a soft and very healthy natural fiber.

This is the most recommended material for people with sensitive skin. Pleasant to the touch, cotton is an insulating material.

During the winter, a cotton scarf will keep you warm, while in summer, it will protect you from the heat. Cotton is therefore a recommended material for all seasons and all types of people.

  • Linen

Linen is a very pleasant material to the touch. It is a very old textile that values nature considerably.

Light, linen is an insulating material and very absorbent.

Thus, this material is ideal for both summer and winter. Linen is very easy to maintain, it creases with difficulty and is very resistant to washing.

In addition, flax is a hypoallergenic material and therefore causes no irritation, which is its advantage.

  • Modal

The modal is a very fine natural fiber, even finer than cotton. It is soft to the touch and leaves the skin to breathe.

It is very light and provides excellent comfort.

The modal absorbs moisture, but stays dry to the touch. Thus, it is an ideal material for periods of heat wave.

Which colors to choose for your scarf ?

which colors choose for your scarf ? EOLE PARIS

When choosing the color of a scarf, we recommend that you first choose colors that are compatible with your complexion.

The color of your scarf should also be in keeping with your outfit. Before buying a scarf, it is advisable to consider the trend colors of the moment. However, to be safe, choose neutral colors such as black, white, gray, beige or brown.

This is the kind of color that is generally compatible with all outfits and all skin tones.

Which details to check before to buy a scarf ?

Before buying a scarf, take the time to check these details:

  • Check the condition of the fabric, whether it is well woven, knitted or crocheted, and is also flawless
  • Check that the borders are not too loose or too tight
  • Check if all the seams are well done

How to wear well your scarf ?

How to wear well your scarf ? EOLE PARIS

In general, a classic scarf is worn around the neck to protect it from the cold. However, different models of scarves can be worn differently.

How to wear well your snood ?

Tubular shape, the snood is threaded by the head and is like a kind of necklace.

In winter, you can wear it with a matching hat or mitt.

While in summer, you can simply wear it on a top that does not have the same color.

You can also wear a snood in the style of a hood to protect your head.

How to wear well your keffieh ?

In the shape of a square, you have to fold the keffiyeh in two, so as to obtain a triangular shape, before wearing it.

With the keffiyeh folded, wrap it once around your neck so that the V-shape goes down on your chest, while the two ends fall on your shoulders.

How to wear well your creche ?

The scarf can be worn as a classic scarf as well as a keffiyeh.

In addition, because the scarf is usually a very long scarf, you can wrap it around your neck many times, then tie ends in front or drop on your back.

Which brands to choose for your scarf ?

Which brands to choose for your scarf - EOLE PARIS

To advise you on scarf brands to choose, we classified them in 4 categories:

  • Low-end scarves
  • The entry-level scarves less than 30 euros
  • Mid-range scarves around 50 euros
  • The high-end scarves at more than 90 euros

Which low-end brands to choose for your scarf ?

It should be known that the accessories are very important elements to sublimate an outfit. Their biggest advantage is to have a very varied price. Indeed, in the case of a simple scarf, you can buy from 3 euros.

We do not particularly recommend low-end brands for the sake of quality.

Which medium level brands to choose for your scarf ?

For entry-level scarves, we recommend the following brands:

  • Uniqlo : A good price-performance ratio
  • H&M : Beautiful plain colored scarves
  • Zara : A wide choice of good quality scarf
  • Menlook : 100% men’s scarves at a good price

Which top level brands to choose for your scarf ?

For a budget around 50 euros, we have selected for you the following brands:

  • Paul Smith : Beautiful scarves with stripes and bright colors
  • Massimo Dutti : Scarves for women, certainly, but with beautiful sober patterns perfectly matching a masculine style

Which luxe level brands to choose for your scarf ?

Here are the brands of high-end scarves we have selected:

  • Meilleur Ami : Beautiful snoods with pretty colors and very original patterns
  • Cinabre : Rather artistic scarves, with good compilations of colors and light patterns


To choose a scarf, you must first recognize the different models of scarves, including the classic scarf, snood, cheche, keffieh and oversize scarf.

Then you have to decide when to wear a scarf model.

So, depending on the season, you will decide better on the scarf that you will have to buy. The choice of the material will also depend on the season. Regarding the color, it is essential to know that patterned scarves are only worn with outfits whose color is united.

You can choose a brightly colored scarf to sublimate a sober outfit or on the contrary a scarf of sober color to accentuate a bright monochrome outfit.

As for the brand, we advise you to choose one according to your budget.

And how do you like to wear your scarf?

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