How To Choose And Wear Well Your Short ? [The Ultimate Guide]

How to choose and wear well your short ? EOLE PARIS

During summer times, both men and women tend to swap their pants for shorts. However, it is not always easy to choose a court. Models, materials, colors, etc., there are so many criteria that determine the difficult choice. Today, we present you this article which has like but guide you when buying your court. Follow our advice to make the right choice

How to choose your Short ?

To choose your shorts, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  • Choose a short MODEL that suits you
  • Choose the FABRICS
  • Opt for a COLOR that you like
  • Check that the shorts are at your SIZE
  • Pay attention to the DETAILS

Let’s find out more in depth all these answers.


How to choose well your short ? EOLE PARIS

What is a Short ?

The shorts are literally short pants, short pants that usually only cover the thighs. At its creation, in the nineteenth century, shorts were only intended to be worn during sports activities. Later, this style of short pants was adopted by both men and women during the summer. Short has become a key element in the field of men’s fashion.

Why to wear a short ?

The wearing of shorts can be explained for many reasons, according to each person. However, here are the most common reasons for wearing shorts :

  • For the practice of sports activities
  • To feel lighter during the summer months
  • To highlight well muscled calves
  • For a successful summer look

What are the part to make an underwear ?

Anatomy short - EOLE PARIS

We first propose to discover in detail the constituent elements of a shorts:

  • Legs
  • The crotch
  • Shoelaces
  • The elastic belt
  • The fly
  • Size
  • The seatbelts
  • Pockets
  • The seams

The main elements of a shorts are the legs and the waist. The rest of the elements are variable according to the shorts model.

Which shorts models to choose ?

To choose your shorts, you must take into consideration the following elements:

  2. The MATTER of shorts
  3. The COLOR of the shorts so that it fits your outfit

Now let’s see together the details to choose your shorts.

Which models to choose for your short ?

What are the differents types of shorts ? EOLE PARIS

In terms of shorts, you can choose between several cuts according to your tastes and according to the style you want to express.

  • The cargo short

The cargo short - EOLE PARIS

As for the cargo cup, it is halfway between a bermuda and a baggy shorts. This cut is also known as military shorts. Indeed, the design of the cargo shorts was inspired by military uniforms. The cargo shorts can stop at the knees or down a little below, like the baggy. The cargo cup features large pockets at the front, back and side of the shorts. The cargo shorts are often sober colors, including olive green, beige, gray or black.

  • The sporty short

the sweat short - EOLE PARIS

There are two kinds of shorts for sports activities. The first cup can be called short sports shorts. Light, short sports shorts usually stop at half the thighs, however, it can also stop over. The second cup is called sports pants. It happens below the knees and is made of soft and very light fabric. Sporty trousers are neither too tight nor too loose.

  • The chino short

The chino short - EOLE PARIS

For a chic and casual look, chino shorts are a good option for comfort and simplicity.

  • The jean short

Denim short - EOLE PARIS

Denim shorts for men can be a smart choice for casual moments in the summer.

  • Bermuda short

As surprising as it may seem, Bermuda shorts are not just another name for shorts. The bermuda is actually a specific cut that is characterized by its length. Generally, shorts are called short pants stopping at mid-thigh or above the knees. But a bermuda reaches the knees. This is what differentiates Bermuda shorts from other shorts.

  • The adjusted cut

A fitted shorts is a semi-slim shorts. The fitted cut is very elegant and modern. Shorts adjusted is more or less tight at the thighs and relaxes a little at the knees. It is a cut that emphasizes the silhouette and gives a man a neat and respectable look. The fitted cut is ideal if you want to bring out a chic and trendy look.

  • The baggy

The cut of short baggy is halfway between real shorts and pants. It is a cut that takes the length of a cropped trousers. The baggy shorts are actually what we call 3/4 pants. In general, the baggy shorts arrive below the knee or sometimes even half of the leg. Ample, this model brings out a resolutely streetwear style while keeping you cool during the summer.

  • Summer or beach shorts

Summer shorts can take the form of short shorts or shorts. Indeed, for the summer, your shorts can stop at mid-thigh, above your knees or at your knees according to your preferences. However, summer shorts or beach shorts are distinguished by its lightness, as the cut is for warm seasons. Beach shorts are usually very colorful with pretty attractive patterns.

Which fabrics to choose for your short ?

Which fabrics to choose for your short ? EOLE PARIS

Now let’s see together the most regularly used materials for making shorts:

  • The timeless jeans

For the choice of material, jeans are always the first option. It is a timeless material that can be worn in both summer and winter. She always gives a fashion and casual air. However, when it comes to shorts, jeans are only recommended for the slim fit fit.

  • Cotton, silk or linen

To choose the material of a shorts, you should know that the material par excellence is the one that is refreshing during periods of heat wave, which is soft to the touch and absorbs perspiration. For this, the three materials that complement these conditions are cotton, silk and linen. They are therefore excellent materials for the choice of shorts, regardless of its fit.

  • The polyester

Polyester is a very soft and light material. It is ideal for sports shorts as it is a very breathable material. The polyester is also able to absorb moisture while remaining dry to the touch. It is very easy to maintain, cleans both by hand and machine and dries quickly.

Which colors to choose for your short ?

Which colors to choose for your short ? EOLE PARIS

Bright colors

As shorts are mainly summer clothes, bright colors such as blue, red or green are preferred. Indeed, it is the kind of color that does not retain heat. They will keep you cool during hot weather. However, be sure to combine the colors.

Sober colors

If you are the type of man who hates dressy outfits, we advise you to choose sober colors such as white, gray, beige or black. It’s the kind of color that can be both classic and discreet. They also go with almost every other color. The sober colors are also an excellent choice to not be mistaken in the combination of colors.

The shorts colors - EOLE PARIS


The grounds are very trendy during the summer periods. Choosing a shorts with patterns is therefore a very good idea for a successful look. However, with patterned shorts, be sure to choose a solid-colored top so that your outfit is not overly loaded.

How to choose the size for your short ?

How to choose well your short size ? EOLE PARIS

To choose the size of your shorts, waist circumference is the most important element to consider.

To know your size of shorts, we advise you to refer to the table this conversion below.

This table will allow you to match the size of shorts and the equivalent in centimeters.

Universal SizeSize EU – EuropeWaist size (cm)

In the field of fashion, there are generally seven different sizes for men’s shorts. To guide you in choosing your shorts, here is the representation of the different sizes:

  • XS / Extra Small / 36: the waist is between 70 and 73 cm, the hip between 82 and 86
  • S / Small / 38: waist circumference is between 74 and 77 and hip circumference between 87 and 93
  • M / Medium / 40: the waist is between 78 and 81 cm and the hip circumference is between 94 and 101 cm
  • L / Large / 44: the waist is between 86 and 89 cm and the hip circumference is between 102 and 110 cm
  • XL / Extra Large / 48: the waist is between 96 and 100 cm and the hip circumference is between 111 and 119 cm
  • 2XL / 52: the waist circumference is between 106 and 111 cm and the hip circumference is between 120 and 128 cm
  • 3XL / 56: the waist circumference is between 118 and 123 cm and the hip circumference is between 129 and 138 cm

Why the short size is so important ?

To choose a short, you have to consider its size. Size is essential as shorts that are too tight or too wide will completely destroy your look. Indeed, with shorts of very good design and good color, but the wrong size, you will be very frowned upon.

What are the shorts lengths to know ?

The shorts lengths - EOLE PARIS

When you choose shorts, there are three main categories of lengths:

  • Very short shorts
  • Intermediate length shorts
  • Long shorts

What are the details to check before to buy a short ?

Before finalizing your purchase, be sure to check the finishes of the shorts:

  • Check that the seams are well made
  • Check that the shorts are yours
  • If the shorts have a fly, check that the closure is functional

How to wear well a short ?

How to wear well your short ? EOLE PARIS

There are different ways to wear shorts :

  • The shorts for a sporty look

It is obvious that the shorts accentuate a sporty look. For that, combine sport shorts with a simple white T-shirt and white tennis. That’s it ! You can also choose a sporty cropped trouser, combine it with a tank top and an open hooded sweatshirt on the front. Simple color sneakers will sublimate your look for sure.

  • The shorts for a classic look

To go unnoticed, shorts can be an excellent choice. Choose a fitted shorts in neutral color (beige, for example). Opt for a classic top, a striped polo shirt or a solid color T-shirt. To complete your outfit, choose a pair of boat shoes.

  • Shorts for a casual look

For a casual look, there’s nothing better than a slim fit jean shorts completed with a patterned tank top. You can also choose a baggy shorts and a big T-shirt for a streetwear look. In addition, you can opt for the cargo shorts with a bright colored top like red. Black sneakers will complete these outfits.

  • The shorts for an elegant look

It is actually possible to create a stylish look with shorts, but not just any. For an elegant look that you can wear in the office during hot weather, opt for Bermuda shorts of any color, a white shirt and black or brown loafers. A belt matching the shoes will complete your elegant outfit.

What are the mistakes to avoid when you are choosing your short ?

6 mistakes to avoid when you buy a new short - EOLE PARIS

Which tops should you pair with your short ?

Which tops should you pair with your short ? EOLE PARIS

With shorts, several tops can be considered.

To remain class in all circumstances, a beautiful shirt can be a wise choice for your outfit.

For more casual moments, a simple t-shirt can do just fine.

Comment bien choisir sa chemise - EOLE PARIS

Which belts should you pair with your short ?

Which belts should you pair with your short ? EOLE PARIS

With your shorts, we recommend you wear a belt to give your look a neat image. For this, we recommend the ‘casual’ braided belts perfect with shorts.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

Which shoes should you pair with your short ?

Which shoes should you pair with your short ? EOLE PARIS

Moccasins are particularly well suited for wearing shorts. In summer, we can only recommend wearing sneakers with nice shorts.

If you would like to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject:

Comment bien choisir ses chaussures habillees - EOLE Paris 2

Which brands to choose for you shorts ?

which brands to choose for your shorts ? EOLE PARIS

To better advise you on the brands of shorts, we classified them in 4 categories:

  • Low-end shorts
  • Entry-level shorts between 30 and 60 euros
  • The mid-range shorts around 70 euros
  • High-end shorts from 80 to just under 100 euros
  • Luxury shorts between 100 and 200 euros

Let’s see in detail the different brands.

Which low-end level short to choose ?

The shorts can be sold from 5 euros on several sales sites. However, we do not recommend low-end shorts brands. Indeed, at a very low price, the quality of low-end products is not guaranteed.

Which entry level short to choose ?

For entry level shorts, we have selected for you the following brands.

  • Monoprix: a wide choice of stylish shorts and 100% cotton. In addition, the sizes are elastic, which would avoid wearing a belt
  • Uniqlo: 100% cotton chinos shorts with a wide choice of colors

Which medium level short to choose ?

For a budget around 70 euros, here are the brands we offer:

  • Boggi: classic chinos bermudas with a 100% cotton fit
  • Carhartt WIP: a wide choice of streatwear and workwear style shorts with a choice of colors and very good finishes

Which top short brands to choose ?

We will now introduce the premium shorts brands:

  • SuitSuply: shorts with a very elegant design, 100% cotton or linen, three colors to choose from: blue, beige and brown.
  • Scotch & Soda: a very large choice of colors
  • Cala 1789: different models of shorts of good quality at the single price of 90 euros

What brands of Luxe short to buy ?

For a budget of 100 euros and more, we present the following brands of short:

  • Knowledge Cotton Apparel: resistant shorts and very good quality, made of linen-cotton
  • Incotex: shorts of very good quality, with neat finishes and good design for the price of 200 euros
  • Glove: classic and elegant shorts with neat finishes


To choose your shorts, it is first advisable to choose the shorts you prefer. The material is also essential since it is the element guaranteeing your comfort. The colors are also to be meticulously chosen although the shorts are summer clothes. You must also take care to buy shorts at the right size. To be sure, ask to try the shorts before buying. Also try to check the finishes.

We wish you liked this article, and we would be curious to have your feedback on it? For example, could you tell us what are your favorite brands of shorts? Which short colors do you prefer, and how do you associate them?

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