How to choose and wear your socks ? [Ultimate Guide]

How to choose well your socks ? EOLE PARIS 3

Far from being an insignificant element of the men’s wardrobe, harmonious assortment with the adopted dress style, the socks constituting real fashion accessories. The key to getting to the state of your shoes is a good choice of color and length. The style would not be to the side, to display the look you want to display. You will find in this article throughout the week – choice of the port and socks, for a look that stands out for sure.

How to choose your socks ?

The details to take into account to choose your pairs of socks:

  • Set the HEIGHT of the socks that will suit you, depending on the circumstances in which you will wear them. Knee-high, modern sock, sock, invisible sock, choose from these 4 height options.
  • Depending on the season and the activities you plan to perform, choose the MATERIALS between silk, wool and Scotland yarn, for optimum comfort.
  • The COLOR of your socks, though usually barely perceptible, is a detail that should not be overlooked. It will fix or spoil the look you want to borrow.
    The right balance between these three previous criteria will ensure the harmony of the style of dress you would like to wear. Also, set the LOOK in advance to better find you when selecting.
  • Following the different brands and ranges that are available on the market, a comparison of the PRICES of the different BRANDS is always necessary when buying your socks.


How to choose and wear well your socks ? EOLE PARIS 3

What is a pair of socks ?

Literally meaning “little shoe”, a sock is a stocking that sits inside a shoe, the length of which rises mid-leg or stops at the ankles. Formerly, the sock still a certain length was the accessory embellishing the breeches, types of clothing that resembled the shorts of our time.

Why wear socks ?

Socks, far from being just a fashion accessory like many others, perform a lot of functions, namely:

  • They allow the feet to adapt perfectly to the shoes, especially during sports activities. Like a shock absorber, the socks ensure the comfort of the soles during their movement;
  • In this same aim, the sock also dampens the friction that may occur during walking or moving. There is no risk of blisters
  • The wearing of socks reduces dirt that can directly damage the shoes. Easier to clean than the latter, socks are practical hygiene;
  • The internal hygiene of shoes and feet is also ensured by wearing socks. By sponging and wicking away perspiration, the risk of unpleasant odors is reduced;
  • Like all tight clothing, a pair of socks always keep your feet warm;
  • Well-apparent or interview when the edge of the pants is slightly raised, the sight of a sock can elegantly fill the aesthetic of the adopted dress style.

What are the parts to make socks ?

Externally simple in shape, the sock has several constituent elements:

  • The coast-coast
  • The stem
  • The “leg”
  • The sole or the foot
  • The heel
  • The point

Anatomy Socks - EOLE PARIS

Which socks to choose ?

To choose your socks, you must take into consideration:

  1. The MODELS of the socks
  2. The FABRICS
  3. COLORS of socks
  4. SIZES of socks

Now let’s see together the details to choose your socks.

Which model to choose for your socks ?

There are 5 different socks cuts. You certainly have one in your closet.

  • The invisible sock
  • The mini-sock
  • The sock
  • The mid-sock
  • The mid-bottom

You will find below an image with the name of the socks according to their heights starting from the heel. A good way to know precisely the name of the model of socks you want to wear.

Socks lengths - EOLE PARIS

Let’s take a closer look at the sock models.

  • The invisible socks

Invisible socks -EOLE PARIS

The invisible sock, well camouflaged in the shoe, is the most discreet sock style par excellence. It serves as a blanket to the sole of the foot and offers a barefoot view from the outside.

  • The mini-socks

The mini-sock whose height is between the heel and the ankle;

  • The socks

The socks - EOLE PARIS

The sock stops clean flush with the ankle;

  • The mid-socks

The mid socks - EOLE PARIS

Mid-calf, mid-sock is commonly used the most for its practicality. Having about 28 cm of stem length, it is suitable for all occasions and all seasons;

  • The knee length socks

The knee lenth socks - EOLE PARIS

Knee-high is the sock form that goes up to the base of the knee.

Which fabrics to choose for your socks ?

Which fabrics to choose for your socks ? EOLE PARIS

  • The Scottish Thread

Having undergone a process of mercerization, the resulting cotton is endowed with greater resistance, shine and softness. Its strength makes it resist washing, retaining its softness and color, even over time. This material effectively absorbs moisture, allowing your feet to breathe both in summer and winter. In the professional, sporty or everyday, socks in Scotland’s yarn ensures comfort at all times;

  • The silk

Thanks to its thermoregulatory quality, the silk sock is refreshing in summer and protective in winter. Due to the nobility of their material, silk socks are generally worn on special occasions.

  • The Merino wool

More appropriate in winter compared to cotton, the wool keeps more heat and ensures the absorption of all perspiration.

  • The cashmere

Characterized by its warmth and softness, cashmere is one of the noble materials also adapted to winter;

  • The linen

Able to absorb up to a third of its weight in terms of moisture, linen socks are the ultimate summer socks. Keeping your feet cool, they give you total comfort.

Which colors to choose for your socks ?

Simple rule of thumb when in doubt:

  • For a classic and sober look, stay in the same tone of your clothes or pants. Blue suit on navy socks, gray suit on gray knee highs. Black socks can embellish an outfit lacking black to match with well polished shoes. It will be the same for anthracite and gray, highlighting the icy leather of the derbys or the flannel of the pleated trousers;
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  • For a more daring style, put on your gray suit on red or green socks and your navy suit on red or burgundy knee socks. Emerald green socks will marry the blue flannel trousers combo and patinated shoes for a stylish look;
  • Striped or polka dot patterns are welcome for those looking for more originality;
  • Like the stamp of an aesthetically imposing temperament, raspberry violet, mustard yellow and cardinal red socks can sublimate a refined and fashionable style;
  • Except for sports activities, white socks are tolerated, at the risk of falling into bad

How to choose well your socks size ?

How to choose well your sock size ? EOLE PARIS

Before buying any pair of socks, it is wise to know your size. Then, learn about the material and the brand, fabrics being much more elastic than others and brands being calibrated to European, American or British.

Faced with high-end socks or knee-highs, be sure to opt for the pair that exactly matches your shoe size, no more and no less. Indeed, this is one of the main features of these luxury accessories: made entirely of natural material, these socks have no extra material, being neither too wide nor too tight.

As for the other ranges, following the presence of certain elements, in particular elasthanne, they marry harmoniously the morphology of your feet. Offered in doubles (39-40), in triple or quadruple sizes (39-42), the sizes of these socks vary from one brand to another.

Which size to choose for your socks ?

To know your size socks, we advise you to refer to the chart this conversion below.

This table will allow you to match the sizes of your shoes and the equivalent in sock sizes.

Taille UniverselleTaille EuropeTaille USATaille UK

The sizes of the socks generally include those of the shoes. According to the European reference:

Size of socks:

  • S: Size 37-39
  • M: 40-41
  • L: 42-44
  • XL: 45-46

However, the ranges of luxury socks, like those of Italian brands, agree to a calibration independent of the Anglo-Saxon or European standards:

  • 10 corresponds to the size 40
  • 10.5: 41
  • 11: 42

Les tailles des chaussettes reprennent généralement celles des chaussures. Suivant la référence européenne :

Taille de chaussettes:

  • S : Pointure 37-39
  • M : 40-41
  • L : 42-44
  • XL : 45-46

Why the socks size is important ?

Source of discomfort, a bead of wool at the end of your toes or tightness of mesh too tight in your shoes will bother you throughout your activity. So it is important to choose socks at the right size.

What are the details to look for before to buy socks ?

Check the quality of the cotton and the seams. The finishing of the seams at the toes is declined in two: via hand remeshing or industrial remeshing. The first version displays a more detailed work, characterized by an extremely flat junction following a barely visible seam. While remeshing machine sometimes leaves a bead of material, which can hinder the toes in the long run.

As for the quality of the cotton, the extra long cotton fibers are the best. They are more resistant to abrasion and have less pilling.

And finally, testifying to a quality finish, the regularity of the knitting or the weaving is a criterion to be taken into account to the radius socks. A tight mesh for socks in Scotland yarn guarantees optimum quality.

How to wear well your socks ?

How to wear your socks ? EOLE PARIS

Although often hidden behind trousers, these accessories can sublimate an outfit or on the contrary show a totally cheesy look. Remember:

  • Take out of your closet the socks of white color. At worst, keep some of them in your sports outfit;
  • Sports socks, whatever their colors, are exclusively intended to accompany you to your sports sessions. They should not in any way be associated with other styles, even for a sportswear look, if you are not going to play sports;
  • Socks punctuated with messages should not get out of bed;
  • Wear patterned socks for a stylish look – stripes, polka dots and more. As for Disney motifs, book them for your pajamas;
  • You doubt the result of the assortment of your outfit to your socks? Opt for a monochrome color, preserving all eccentricity. You can take a color of your outfit (belt, tie, wallet, etc.) for the choice of your knee, however avoid the total look unicolour from head to toe;
  • For more aesthetics, opt for knee highs, elegantly covering your calves even when you cross your legs in a sitting position;

Which socks should you pair with your pants ?

Which sock should you pair with your pants ? EOLE PARIS

It is commonly correct to associate his socks with his pants, although this principle gives a rendering of elongated legs. Gray socks will sublimate your anthracite flannel pants, just like sky blue socks on jeans.

For rolled up jeans paired with boots, cashmere socks will provide comfort and a faded look.

While on blue pants, green socks in mahogany brown shoes are very elegant.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your jeans, we advise you to read the article we have dedicated to these topics.

 Comment bien choisir son chino - EOLE PARIS Comment bien choisir son pantalon - EOLE PARIS

Which socks should you pair with your belt ?

Which sock should you pair with your belt ? EOLE PARIS

Taking back the color of the belt on the socks is part of the basic rule in terms of assortment. Practically achievable in winter, with the sober colors of the outfits: black leather shoes / anthracite gray socks / gray or black leather belt, brown suede / mid-low shoes in brown cashmere / brown suede belt. However, during the summer’s beautiful days, it becomes rather awkward to wear brightly colored socks to match that of the belt. In this case, it is not the color that matters, but the style that evokes the combo shoes / socks. Choose the belt that matches the look of your socks and shoes.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

Which socks should you pair with your shoes ?

Which sock should you pair with your shoes ? EOLE PARIS

For a formal setting, opt for merino wool knee highs on leather lace-up derbies.

For a night out, dare rock ‘n’ roll style with the assortment of leather shoes with skull patterns, buckled and black. Richelieu jacquard mid-laces with double buckles are also suitable.

Patterned socks can also enhance white sneakers.

For a hiking outing, cashmere optimizes comfort in leather boots.

Pastel and mid-low shoes to fashion a sportswear look can accommodate for those who want to go further in the street-attitude. The slipper combination with thick soles and striped socks is another option.

For classic casual style, black socks with Stan Smith, Reebok Club C85, Veja low sneakers promise a minimalist touch.

Take on a sporty streetwear look by matching white sports socks with New Balance 574, Saucony, Air Max or Asics Gel Lyte 3.

If you want to learn more about formal footwear, we suggest you read our complete guide on the subject:

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Which brands to choose for your socks ?

The knee lenth socks - EOLE PARIS

The socks manufacturing is a real industry in its own right, where names are carving a reputation in the world of the jet set, while others allow the rest to find socks at their feet. There are nearly a hundred brands of socks, ranging from the usual sports claws such as Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Kappa to the inevitable seals of haute couture as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Givenchy, etc.

To facilitate reading, we have classified socks into 5 categories:

  • The low socks range to less than 3 euros
  • Entry socks between 3 and 10 euros
  • Medium socks between 10 and 35 euros
  • The high-end socks between 35 and 100 euros
  • The socks of “luxury” to more than 100 euros

Let’s see in detail the different brands.

What are the brands of low-end socks to know ?

Brands of socks such as Daorier (0.01 €), Westeng (0.01 €), Conqueror (0.15 €), Xuxuou (0.06 €), Beauty GO (0.1 €), Laamei (0.1 €) are accessible under one euro . Otherwise socks like Jack and Jones are offered from 2 euros, Elbeo and Bugatti to 3 euros.

Which entry level socks brands to choose ?

From 5 euros, you can offer Cerruti and Happy Socks. Put on Hugo Boss for 10 €, Emporio Armani for 8 € and even Pierre Cardin for 7 euros.

Which brands of medium level socks to choose ?

Of a much higher quality in terms of comfort, mid-range socks include sports socks. Indeed, if the price range of this range is between 15 to 35 euros, socks Nike, Reebok and Kappa can complement your sportswear for only 15 euros.Suiting major brands like Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith is possible for relatively 12 and 24 euros. Ayanéet Salvatore Ferragamo brand socks cost 36 €.

Which top socks brands to choose ?

Rising even more in the range, put Dolce & Gabbana for 37 euros and Lanvin for 48 euros. Socks signed Alexander McQueen and Heron Preston are on the high-end market from 65 euros. A-COLD-WALL offers its range at € 80, if Sacai does it at € 76.

What brands of LUXE socks to buy ?

Combining design and impeccable quality, luxury socks cost no less than 100 euros. To open this range, Gucci Game parchsock are selling at this floor price. Then follow Prada logo two-color socks valued at 120 euros. Between 130 and 150 € are available from Thom Browne, if Rick Owens’s ribbed socks are up to € 150 like Intarsia’s logo socks and Calvin Klein. Off-White offers socks from luxury from 171 €. As for Givenchy, his collection offers 196 euros.

The record in luxury socks is attributed to a pair made of cervelt hair, a specimen of endemic red deer. A rich American has appropriated it for the whopping $ 1,275, the equivalent of 1023 €.


In summary, the types and colors of socks to wear are dictated by your look, by the activity frame, by the season and in the first place … by your mood. Basic rules like associations of colors and materials with the rest of your style of dress are established to avoid falling into cheesiness. However, the comfort of your feet is a criterion to never neglect. Depending on the size and material, choose the pair of socks that will put you at ease.

We wish you liked this article, and we would be curious to have your feedback on it? For example, could you tell us what are your favorite brands of socks? Which sock colors do you prefer, and how do you associate them?

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