How To Choose Your Wallet ? [The Ultimate Guide]

How to choose your wallet ? EOLE PARIS

The portfolio is an indispensable element in everyday life. It is the companion who never leaves you. It is always in the pocket of your pants, in your jacket, shirt or jacket, or in your bag. More than a simple accessory in the daily life of the man, the wallet becomes very quickly a must, part of his personality. Thus, the choice of a new portfolio is not to be taken lightly. Model, material, size, color? Every detail counts. We will give you some tips so you do not go wrong in choosing your new portfolio.

How to choose your wallet ?

To choose your portfolio, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  1. Choose the wallet SHAPE that you like
  2. Choose the Portfolio FABRICS
  3. Opt for a COLOR that you like
  4. Pay attention to the DETAILS

In the rest of this guide, we suggest you to go deeper into the choice of your portfolio.


The wallet - EOLE PARIS

What is a wallet ?

The wallet is a male accessory that has been designed to store money and personal documents such as ID, credit cards, bank cards, business cards, etc. In addition to being a practical part of everyday life, the wallet has become a real fashion accessory for both men and women.

Why buying a wallet ?

Each person has their own motives in wanting to own a portfolio. However, here are the main reasons that push a man to buy a wallet: 

  • To put away his money
  • To classify the various cards that are useful to him on a daily basis
  • To complete his look

What are the part to make a wallet ?

The wallet remains the must-have for men’s fashion accessories. This small case is composed of several elements including:

  • A zipped pocket on the back for coins
  • Slots for credit cards, identity cards …
  • A ticket pocket
  • Compartments for tickets and receipts
  • Slots for pens
  • Belt passer

Wallet Anatomy - EOLE PARIS

Which wallet to choose ?

To choose the right portfolio, consider:

  1. The wallet MODELS
  2. The wallet FABRICS
  3. The wallet COLORS

Which model to choose for your wallet ?

Which models to choose for your wallet ? EOLE PARIS

  • Foldable wallet

The folding wallet for men comes in 2 categories: double fold and triple fold. The double fold is like a tiny book. This type of portfolio has several compartments distributed on the internal faces. The triple-fold wallet is equipped with 2 external flaps folded on a central flap. These models are generally smaller compared to female models. Inside, the accessories unveil 2 to 5 parts.

  • The two-part wallet

2 doors wallet - EOLE PARIS

This model of portfolio remains the most popular among men. This accessory is designed to receive and transport banknotes and credit cards. The models have coin pockets. However, some models have no place for this purpose. The majority of wallets with two shutters is equipped with zip or push button as closure, to accommodate a limited number of parts.

  • The 3-part wallet

3 doors wallet - EOLE PARIS

The 3-tier portfolio has the same characteristics as the 2-tier portfolio. The only difference lies in the number of folds. This model falls back to 3 tiers. The cards are arranged vertically. This accessory may or may not have a coin pocket. This model is relatively larger, thus complicating its wearing in the pocket of your pants or your small bag.

  •  The 4-part wallet

4 doors wallet - EOLE PARIS

The 4-part portfolio is the essential accessory for travelers. The various compartments present have been specially designed to support your passport, your visa, your identity document as well as all the paperwork essential to the trip. However, avoid this large model for a simple city trip. This accessory may clog you up.

  • The 5-part wallet

The 5-part model remains the largest portfolio model for men. This fashion accessory man has the ability to receive all your vacation photos. These large holster patterns are embellished inside printed or patterned fabric. This type of portfolio seduces women more than men.

Which fabrics to choose for your wallet ?

Which fabrics to choose for your wallet ? EOLE PARIS

  • Leather

Leather remains the timeless and essential material in the manufacture of men’s wallets. The leather wallets come in several versions, in this case the full grain, the crust … Unlike other materials, the leather ensures great durability and comfort unparalleled. Added to these characteristics are flexibility and strength. Thus, this material reduces any risk of possible wear. In addition, a leather wallet guarantees a better practicality. The accessory can indeed stretch sufficiently without being damaged.

  • Plastic

Some manufacturers have taken the initiative to recycle plastic bags to turn them into a very aesthetic portfolio. This solution has been rewarded by the United Nations Development Program’s Global Environment Facility. These creators offer eco-friendly and durable plastic wallets. These unique fashion accessories are crafted by artisans.

  • Canvas

Some brands make men’s polyamide canvas wallets. These models are very successful in the market. The canvas is indeed very popular for its resistance. Only this kind of wallet carries a “cheap” appearance. This pejorative connotation hinders the most elegant customers to consume them.

  • Fabric

The fabric wallet is for sports enthusiasts. The fabric models have the advantage of being available in several colors compared to leather models. These types of cases also emphasize your refined, but informal side.

Which colors to choose for your wallet ?

Which colors to choose for your wallet ? EOLE PARIS

Between the black, the blood red and some shades of brown, the leather wallet has only a limited variety of color. Moreover, the male loves only dark and classic shades. Only the most daring can try more cheerful shades, in this case light red and orange. French leather goods has also embarked on the design of men’s wallets with tinted leather.

How to choose well your wallet ?

Which size to choose for your wallet ?

  • The classic format wallet

The classic format portfolio can contain all the formats of your license. The accessory can support your car papers, including the gray card, intact and without creases.

  • The European format wallet

The portfolio in European format can accommodate all driving license formats of the last 30 years. Nevertheless, this format excludes the use of old driving licenses and that of your registration card. Measuring 11 x 15 cm, this format can support a ticket of 500 euros.

  • The italian format wallet

The portfolio in Italian format measures 11 x 9 cm. This small format is not intended to accommodate driver’s licenses under 30 years old as well as old formats of identity documents. This very common model is also proposed at 20 x 11 cm, to contain checkbooks and a feather.

  • The square wallet

As the name suggests, the square wallet measures 11 x 11 cm. This minimalist format is for any man who can be content with the bare necessities, in this case a credit card, a 10 euro folded note …

Why the wallet size is important ?

Choosing the right size of your portfolio is of utmost importance. This accessory is designed to receive all your clutter, be it your identity card, your credit cards, your receipts, your checkbook, your business cards, your discount coupons … For everyday trips, remember to take your wallet with 2 shutters. When traveling abroad, bring your 4 or 5-fold wallet.

What are the details to look for before to buy your wallet ?

Before finalizing your leather wallet purchase, consider inspecting some finishes. First, test the durability and resistance of the material. Carefully inspect the finishes of the seam lines. In addition, do not hesitate to consult the experts in the field to ensure the authenticity of the leather. Check for any imperfections in the fabric wallets. Take a look at the number of compartments, folds and shutters.

How to pair your wallet ?

It’s important to match your wallet to your style of dress. Versatile, the leather wallet adapts to any look, whether it’s an elegant and chic or casual look. Wear this case as an accessory with your alpaca suit. Turn to the camel or brown patinated leather model if you are trendy jeans and sneakers. The followers of the sportwear look are rather oriented towards the wallet in light blue fabric.

If you want to learn more about how to choose your jeans, we advise you to read the article we have dedicated to these topics.

 Comment bien choisir son chino - EOLE PARIS Comment bien choisir son pantalon - EOLE PARIS

To make a no-fault, the easiest way is to focus on a black or brown leather wallet. To play a little more with the colors, opt for a red case and adjust it with a pair of dark red Richelieu. Obviously, this style requires a suit, preferably a light gray suit and a white shirt. To refine all, wear a travel bag and a men’s watch.

Comment bien choisir ses chaussures habillees - EOLE Paris 2

There are wallet models with belt loops. These types of cases are easily attached with your belt. For a perfect match, choose a brown leather wallet and a black belt from the same material. This type of model guarantees maximum security and reduces the risk of theft. Especially since this accessory gives aestheticism to your outfit. To complete the whole, wear faded jeans and a white t-shirt.

Comment bien choisir sa ceinture - EOLE PARIS 1

Which brands to choose for your wallet ?

Which brands to choose for your waller ? EOLE PARIS

What are the brands of low-end wallet to know ?

In general, we do not recommend the purchase of low-end wallets whenever possible. Only this option may be possible if you only have a very limited budget. All products offered in this category are limited to the bare minimum, among others, minimalist portfolios without any qualitative guarantee. In this section, the pouches tear easily and the materials used wear out quickly.

Which entry level wallet brands to choose ?

The entry-level portfolios remained very classic. This category has no finish. The models have been even more rarely revisited. The brands Bleu de Chauffe and Herschel Supply Co. offer men’s wallets of average quality. The price, however, remains accessible to all consumer segments.

Which brands of medium level wallet to choose ?

Leo and Violette, RVP and Bellroy are the best mid-range portfolio brands on the market. These manufacturers focus especially on leather in men’s wallet making. The suggested models are available from the European format in Italian format, through the classic format. In addition, the finishes have been the subject of careful work to enhance their quality.

Which top wallet brands to choose ?

Brands such as Blackwood, Les Toiles du Large and Feuerwear market wallets made from other recycled materials. These accessories are an alternative to leather from animals. These manufacturers encourage the adoption of a more eco-friendly attitude by buying their product. In addition, these cases can also compete with genuine leather wallets. In addition to these brands, Aiglon, Polo Ralph Lauren and APC are among the best high-end portfolio manufacturers.

What brands of Luxe wallet to buy ?

Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Mr Porter bring together the leading luxury portfolio brands. These focus on the design to offer accessories of very high quality. The finishes were meticulously cared for and the models were reworked. The noble materials have been specially chosen to ensure great resistance. The price of this type of portfolio can reach up to 3,750 euros and more.


Before choosing a portfolio, review all possible criteria. Remember to check the shape of the accessory according to your preferences. Next, select the material that is the most suitable, the leather. Other recycled materials are also available on the market. Then, choose the color that you like. Simply put, opt for the dark color wallet, versatile and timeless. Finally, thoroughly inspect the finishes. In addition, we offer a list of brand manufacturers to help you in your choice.

We wish you liked this article, and we would be curious to have your feedback on it? For example, could you tell us what are your favorite brands of portfolios? Which portfolio colors do you prefer, and how do you associate them?


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